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information superhighway

The Heilbronner Voice reported positively today (07.01.2022: 26), namely that all Heilbronn schools run by the city now have a fast fiber optic internet connection. Our schools are finally getting parts of an infrastructure that they should have had in the last millennium.

It is now to be hoped that the schools will also be able to benefit from this for teaching and that as many teachers and students as possible will be led into the digital age.

It's just a pity that our administration only fulfills its own obligations - including the school infrastructure - if it is decreed from above and also financed. If this is a fundamental problem in our communities, we should consider relieving them of this task and responsibility.


The office of Federal President was already outdated when our state was founded, and the last Federal Presidents did not upgrade this office, but on the contrary, made it clear to all German citizens that it was only a supply post or, viewed positively, about the icing on the cake of a political curriculum vitae — footprints and handprints on Friedrichstrasse would be more practical, and asterisks with the appropriate name, if you prefer.

The majority of our population only knows our Federal Presidents because they are toting around the countries with a concubine, then with the wife or again with the ex.

However, if you hold on to the elected office of Federal President, which incidentally is always a very expensive affair, then you should also adhere to the minimum level of democracy. And this minimum level of democracy means that the voters — in this case the Federal Assembly, which has well over 1 members and is a specially convened body ranging from ordinary porn stars to failed entrepreneurs — also have an alternative.

And so that the Federal Assembly also has alternatives, there are several parties in the Bundestag from the most diverse political directions with their own concepts and ideas for our Federal Republic. So it shouldn't be difficult for them to bring the right candidates into the running and thus make it clear that the office of Federal President is actually still about political content and ideas.

The nomination of a "unity president" is something of the GDR - you just don't want to believe it yourself!

Which is not to say that I oppose the re-election of Frank-Walter Steinmeier would be, that's the name of our current Federal President, because this is the most cost-effective alternative for all of us.

Just imagine if the parties regularly change the federal presidents not only at normal times, but also a little earlier if they are needed - the costs exceeded any royal house.

compulsory vaccination

The need to achieve so-called herd immunity to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control is beyond question. The fact that this can best be achieved with vaccinations is also not true.

But does one actually have to use the instrument of “duty” to do this? I say no, because there is no such thing as an obligation here in Germany. We had to experience this for the last time during conscription!

And the discussion about the need for compulsory vaccination shows us very, very clearly that we have not only become a country of egomaniacs, but have also reached an average level of stupidity that will endanger us all more than any pandemic.

So there are only a few reasons that speak for compulsory vaccination. Firstly, the fantasies of omnipotence on the part of a few professional politicians, secondly, the need of the remaining professional politicians to once again feign completely senseless activism, and thirdly, and this is the real reason for creating another apparatus that will bring a lot of party members and their family members wages and bread; At the very least, existing ministries and administrations will be fattened up with mostly completely superfluous staff, but it will probably result in an additional administrative apparatus that will be absolutely overwhelmed with the task in the next pandemic - just like our health authorities and the office for civil protection are already today.

The reasons against compulsory vaccination are of a more practical nature. You should only decree something that you can actually enforce. And compulsory vaccination cannot be enforced in Germany, especially since we did not have sufficient resources to do so, at least initially, if we actually wanted to enforce this - and even later these resources will not be made available as a matter of necessity, but will not be made available or will be made available halfway for political reasons alone. We could observe that so wonderfully in conscription.

In addition, one has to ask oneself whether the enforcement, which then places an additional burden on the police and courts and ultimately overwhelms the already overcrowded prisons, is worth the price of compulsory vaccination.

The power of the factual alone will mean, as with conscription before, that apart from an enormous waste of resources, not much more will come of it.

It would be more practicable if everyone who refuses to be vaccinated was asked to sign a living will (that alone separates the wheat from the chaff!) and if our parliaments issued appropriate triage instructions to the hospitals for those who refuse to vaccinate.

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