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Neckar arch

It was actually clear from the outset that no strangers' cars should be allowed to drive into the Neckar bend and that all visitors, if at all, should only walk very quietly through the new city quarter. Now it's the geese's turn, then the ducks, frogs and other animals. The next step is then the insects, which disturb and must be destroyed.

At the end, champagne fountains bubble up in the two lakes and the Neckar arch becomes a successful model for the city administration.

image problem

There is probably no work in our country that can actually compete with the profession of a Member of Parliament. Nowhere else do you earn so much with so little personal effort. And nowhere is one secured until old age as quickly as in professional politics. And nowhere else can you earn as much money on the side as as a representative of the people.

All young people and young-at-heart adults have known this since YouTube at the latest, and yet our parties are not flooded with young aspiring people.

Perhaps the parties should advertise more that the work-life balance of a politician even tops that of a judge or university professor, because in which profession can one integrate "professional sports", extensive collecting passions, university studies, other professions, or even a second family without problems ?

But this should already be well known to many job starters, and there is still a lack of qualified young politicians — Philip Amthor once excepted.

So it remains to be assumed that the profession of a politician has a real image problem - why only?

Free of charge

It's like free beer because someone has to foot the bill. And that's how it is with free local public transport, kindergartens, studying and other nice things.

In all of these cases, the taxpayers are paying and, as we all know by now, they are not the super-rich or at least well-off citizens, nor the many fellow citizens who live hand-to-mouth consistently. It is only those who are still known as the so-called middle class that do not flee their tax liability with their money. So now far too few citizens who have to bear the ever-increasing government spending.

And since these taxes have not been enough for a long time, people are already - without any inhibitions - going to the last savings of the citizens, right down to the nest egg or private pension and health insurance.

And since we want more and more to be free of charge, the ideas for expropriation will also become even more diverse in order to pull the last bit of money out of the pockets of all those who are still actually and productively working.

Then, in order to reassure these citizens a little, one keeps promising to tax the really rich, which one will never do, or one promises those who, of their own accord, only live for the day and in doing so adhere to the many free offers from the state, to take more responsibility, which one will never do.

When will this spiral end?

Probably only when all those who can still afford it have emigrated and the rest will be poor as a church mouse. With the exception of our benefactors, of course, those responsible for it, because they then live well protected in the midst of poverty and in pure luxury - that was always the case in all the countries where everything is really free!

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