Today we're talking about incidence numbers again. One thing should be clear to everyone, that this has nothing to do with migration, but with education - and "academics and people with a level" can also be stupid. And I am happy to repeat that incidence figures very often correlate negatively to the competence of the respective city administration and the sense of responsibility of its mayors.

32. Meeting place Europe

The preparations for the 32nd Meeting Point Europe are now complete - now we can only hope that as many as possible get involved in this virtual experiment. We gave the last clues on Facebook and via email and then let us surprise you on Saturday how everything develops. True to the motto: by citizens for citizens.

Europe is for everyone!

This morning I already had a very good conversation with the translator of my book Europe is for everyone! into english. The foreign translation of one's own book is a good opportunity to find out how one was understood.

This also increases the anticipation of another translation into Spanish, which is planned for 2022.

birthdays of the day

Orson Welles and Christian Morgenstern

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