Digital Stone Age

As a responsible citizen, I followed our government's calls for vaccinations. And, since I would like to continue to move as freely as possible, and according to current statements from our government, paper documents are no longer of sufficient importance, I wanted to update my corresponding app this morning.

As expected, a butcher's gang, since the corresponding hardware and software was not designed for normal everyday use, but rather only to make a few very special people richer.

What's so bad about it when only Americans, Chinese and Indians have a good command of "digitality" and we therefore get the necessary infrastructure from their companies? In return, their citizens are very happy to drink our beer and buy our cuckoo clocks.

800 km

According to the statement of Ralph Boehringer (Heilbronner Voice, December 06.12.2021th, 32: 800) we have a good XNUMX kilometers of sidewalks in Heilbronn. That's a lot of work, not just keeping it clean, but also maintenance. It's good that you have a concept of how you want to do this. And that from Ralph Boehringer The concept presented sounds very logical. In addition, I can confirm from my own experience that it works. I recently reported a sidewalk subsidence that was probably caused by undermining and less than two days later the spot was secured and repaired within a week.

It is understandable that the sidewalks in a big city cannot be kept in such good condition as in a village, where they are usually also beautifully paved, because 800 kilometers not only have to be financed, but also managed in terms of time and personnel.

However, what one could also ensure in a big city is that the sidewalks are kept free for pedestrians and, if they are also released for bicycles, electric scooters, e-scooters and motorcycles, that corresponding rules are imposed on them.

Since most people only learn through pain, violations should then also be punished. I promise myself that the deterrent effect alone will result in a significant improvement.

glimmer of hope

After everywhere, not only the business owners and entrepreneurs no longer have any understanding of the political wobbling of our governments, whether green-black, black-red or even motley, a glimmer of hope is slowly but surely emerging on the horizon.

Because every mediocracy (rule of mediocrity) will fail because of challenges, and we have quite a few of those at the moment. It is astonishing how governments react and yet continue to hoist politicians into positions that can do absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

Now the time has come for the first active members of government parties to express their displeasure. As an example I may here Thomas Aurich quote, which I really appreciate, by the way.

"It's a total failure of politics."

City Councilor Thomas Aurich, Heilbronner vote (06.12.2021: 1)

As is well known, self-awareness is the first road to improvement, and perhaps the parties are now recalling those politicians from their offices who just spend their time there completely uselessly. And maybe in the future they will even put us citizens up for election as candidates who are more than “political Hartzer” (deluxe pension recipients) – it would still be time to look for a competent candidate for the office of Lord Mayor.

birthday of the day

Dave Brubek

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