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While parts of the family and friends 4th of July My better half and I went dancing yesterday. My exam is being printed and I'm excited to see what it looks like in the XXL version (A3). And when I'm correcting it afterwards, I can try out this format myself.

Today, however, I will first devote myself to Robber Hotzenplotz and then I will look at what homework the ninth graders have. Unfortunately, today I will not be able to talk to Detlef Stern denied, although there is indeed a need for discussion. But it is still a while until the next semester begins and so postponed does not mean cancelled.

Today's saying of the day comes from the Stoic archives and reads: 'If doing good were easy, everyone would do it.'

It was gratifying to be able to watch the construction of a festival on Kiliansplatz today, where the city obviously dispensed with the usual security, fire service and other requirements - it's possible! However, it would be better if law and order were the decisive factor in a city and not the reputation of certain personalities; Trumpism has long been at home in Europe, especially here in Heilbronn.

It is even more pleasing that I was recently discussed in the Bundestag, as everyone is already talking about it. But just as I cannot do anything about the election result in the United Kingdom, I am also not responsible for the downfall of the SPD.

Hertenstein talks

For anyone who is interested in political issues and would like to think and talk about possible solutions for today's world in a pleasant environment, the Hertensteiner Gespräche are a good place to go.

These will take place in Heilbronn for the eighth time on September 21, 2024. Actually, it must be viewed positively that not only other German cities are now being brought into play for the talks, but recently also Hertenstein residents, who are actually residents of Weggis, are claiming these talks for themselves. I think this is a good sign that the Hertenstein talks at least have returned to the European Federalists.

Even if the Hertenstein Talks in Heilbronn have so far brought together "only" up to 100 interested people, this is certainly already a great success. Even in 1946, the European Federalists did not manage to gather more committed citizens in Bern and Hertenstein. Only in 1947 in Montreux and 1948 in The Hague were there more people who not only expressed their interest in a better world, but also had good and viable ideas and concepts for it.

And unlike the British, we Europeans still have possible solutions at our disposal. We just need to be able to finally make them palatable to the majority of our fellow citizens. This is and will probably remain the greatest challenge for all federalists. To date, no one has been found who is willing or able to present their ideas in this regard in a corresponding discussion group.

We are currently still collecting ideas for this year's discussion groups. We also do not have all the moderators and people who will give input yet; which is not unusual, as we do not have any fees or reimbursements for expenses - like in the "good old days", we pay our own way.

If any of my readers would like to take part in the discussions, they can contact me.


The British Conservatives suffered a completely deserved defeat yesterday. Apart from making life as comfortable as possible for themselves, they have achieved nothing. OK, Brexit as a unique selling point and apart from the fact that, like all Conservatives in the world, they also lived off the plundering of their own society.

Those actually to blame for the misery, namely the British voters, now gave their favour to the Labour Party, whose MPs may not be quite as corrupt as those of the Tories, but have no viable political concept other than the usual debt-making.

And so we can all be very curious to see where all the money will come from to get the economy and society of the United Kingdom back on track. Certainly not from the Crown, the colonies are no longer what they once were, and it will probably not be possible to transfer debts to the EU either.

So the only option left is further selling: the rich in India, China and the Russian Federation are always looking for good opportunities to invest their money. However, it is doubtful whether this will really help the British.

And so the island will once again have to come up with something completely new — we can’t wait to see what happens!

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