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A poem

Fritz Singer can be found with a poem right on the start page of this weblog for years. He is little known to many fellow citizens, although his poems are always written from the full life and thus not only find understanding among the readers, but also make them smile. In the meantime, his poems are all well over 100 years old, but still very up-to-date.


sagging eyelids, withered cheeks,
Gray, sparsely seeded hair
Form since the time of Adam
The entourage of mature years.

All those autumn signs
I will bear without grumbling;
Only one hits me harder
As a dozen old age plagues:

that the women who are kind to me
Less and less on earth
While now the husbands
Always become loveable.

Fritz Singer, from The Tenth Muse (1904: 108)

Public legal radio

Actually always been a topic of this weblog. For the last time I have wrote about it in August. And even though I can't say enough about the state of the ÖRR, like so many other of our institutions, e.g. B. parties, churches, administrations, to be completely run down, I still consider these institutions to be vital to our democracy.

I will certainly repeat myself when I assert that this intolerable state of affairs is mainly due to professional politics, which should not actually exist in this quality and, above all, quantity in democracies! And so the ÖRR is driven to the wall by professional politicians who are at best just stupid and lazy.

However, I am happy to let other opinions have their say and I am therefore very pleased that Jan Böhmermann also accepted this issue yesterday.

Jan Böhmermann in ZDF Magazin Royale from November 4.11.2022th, XNUMX


There is simply no substitute for good discussions, and so yesterday I was able to learn quite a few things for my future projects. For example, I could go with you Detlef Stern talk about the latest developments in project management, before we continued to exchange views on my current favorite project, a digital slip box. And as so often when I'm with Detlef Stern meet for a coffee, there is really something for me to do afterwards, because good conversations deserve to be followed up.

Just as I was about to create new notes in this regard, I received another visitor, with two long-time friends using their stay in Heilbronn to surprise me, among other things. The resulting conversations served primarily to keep us up to date about each other again. In addition, I received very useful feedback on my weblog; It is very understandable that not all readers - especially if they do not come from Heilbronn themselves - are interested in the internals of Heilbronn.

You may forgive me, but the times when I had z. B. about Paris, Brussels, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Stettin, Berlin, Chemnitz, Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, Munich, Ulm or even Mostar, Sarajevo or Kampala, those are definitely over. But Heilbronn also offers enough topics to continue reporting on. And who knows, maybe there will also be one or the other topic that could be interesting for the residents of other cities; Public toilets are certainly not, because "you just have them and don't talk about them anymore". As a resident of Heilbronn, I would be happy if that were the case here too.