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Independence Day

Since 1791, the US Independence Day celebrations have officially been called that. The occasion was the ratification of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia. However, this day has been celebrated since 1777.

And Dan Schaffer should also have been celebrating this for a very, very long time — congratulations!

And there will also be a lot to celebrate for us in Heilbronn this week; at least I don't miss a few such celebrations. And so my better half and I are already meeting up with a few friends today at the 1057th Wimpfen Valley Market; confirming once again that there are still older things to celebrate.

For me, the last official celebration of the week should be the public festival in Stuttgart, and when this comes to an end, there will certainly be one or the other new project that I can tackle.

long week

My week is so long this time that Monday is way too short! By the way, if you want to know more about long weeks, it's best to ask right away Detlef Stern in the menu.

And so this morning I was able to use my meanwhile regular ride with the meseno bus through the northern district to think about how best to get my appointments under the hood this week. Of course, I always keep reserves, which have already been blogged for two new projects this week.

So it was quite fitting that I switched my digital appointment calendar to new (old) software last week.

For those who ask me from time to time how I manage to fill this weblog on the side, rest assured that the writing itself is a very quick process; these are only a few minutes each, which I also use as reflective moments. For some it just helps a little to write while thinking. Which me now again Detlef Stern leads, who recently confirmed in a lecture that writing helps with thinking - at least that's how I understood his lecture. If I misunderstood him, he will definitely point it out to me over a cup of coffee this week.

Time management consultants, of which there are now more than sand on the beach, will certainly want to point out that in addition to the time to be used, one's own motivation also plays a role. It motivates me when some readers ask where my microblog posts are today. But it motivates me even more when, based on the increase in the number of subscribers to my weblog, I can assume that although I often talk to walls, I obviously don't write to walls.

site of the day

1057. Wimpfen valley market

The Bad Wimpfen valley market is considered to be one of the oldest Markets in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is interesting that the people of Wimpfen claim that it is "the largest folk festival in the lowlands".

Actually a clear order to the Heilbronn city administration — actually.

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