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Right now, “intellectuals” of all kinds are writing public letters back and forth again, and this is very effective for the press, so that one can almost speak of a new definition of what an intellectual actually is, namely that intellectuals are simply people with a proper attention deficit .

apparently has Henri de Saint Simon first coined the term intellectual and this with his book "Du système industriel" (1821); before that, the world was probably shielded from intellectuals of any kind.

The only reason why the term intellectual is so important to many fellow citizens is that it could have something to do with intelligence. And since intelligence became emotional, the whole thing has something to do with gut feeling - so eat and drink. Ultimately, we are probably all intellectuals and especially those who like to write open letters to chancellors. The content is no longer important.

By the way, “Province is where one counts teachers among intellectuals” (Andreas Rebers, September 6, 2017) and behind the moon one lives exactly where intellectuals write open letters to chancellors. Jean-Paul Sartre had already put it much better: "L'intellectuel est quelqu'un qui se mêle de ce qui ne le regarde pas. "(Plea for the intellectuals, 1972:12).

reading godfather

On Wednesdays I am usually out and about as a reading mentor and today I experienced particularly agile students. If you are allowed to experience these young girls and boys for a few months, you will slowly but surely recognize one or the other progress in their school development.

I still consider reading comprehension to be one of the most important school goals in elementary school and I hope that at least the students I am allowed to look after will have achieved this goal by the end of the fourth grade.

In any case, "my" class teacher is doing everything to ensure that this is the case. If the parents now pull along, there is definitely hope.


Regulars' tables are a great thing, especially when those who have previously set something up together also meet there. For the first time, members of a new pro-European party came to yesterday's European regulars' table and took part in the discussions in a very relaxed manner.

The somewhat more active club members were also able to talk about upcoming projects during the regulars' table and make further fine arrangements - it's nice when you can combine the pleasant with the useful.

And along the way we were able to get one or two cows off the ice. This European regulars' table was once again a success.

And tonight I'm already looking forward to the meeting of the Free Voters, which always takes place monthly on the first Wednesday of the month; this month even as a general meeting.

birthdays of the day

Audrey Hepburn and Keith Haring

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