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The war of aggression against Ukraine is being used clandestinely to convert Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria into flawless dictatorships in a first step.

Under the patronage of Ursula von der Leyen Hungary became a dictatorship yesterday.

Today we can learn that the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis signed a law on Friday that makes the fight against corruption and organized crime more difficult.

And Poland has now officially (March 10, 2022) rejected the European Convention on Human Rights, as has the Russian Federation.

Nothing more has been heard from the European Parliament or the Federal Government. And if the Hungarian model proves its worth, we will soon be able to hear the first corresponding proposals for changes here as well.

duck ducks

It's amazing what's happening here in Germany when you can no longer just ignore the mass murders, mass rapes and other war crimes of "our brothers in arms" from the East. If, on the other hand, it was a matter of alleged outrages by the Americans or even the Bundeswehr, yes, then the "peace movement' together with the Left, the Greens, the SPD and the unions through all cities, and the remaining parties would at least announce investigations and serious consequences.

Today, through YouTube and other channels, we can all share in the war crimes of the Russian Federation and its allies in near real time.

And the best Putin friend ever, Gerhard Schröder, ducks away. the last chancellor Angela Merkel, is moved unknown. The Federal President and Federal Chancellor no longer want to remember that until recently they both had the best of relations with the Russian Federation or with Russian oligarchs, as did some prime ministers and party chairmen of the other parties.

Political Germany ducks away altogether! Only a few town twinnings and other official friendships will be left alone.

By the way, you signal Vladimir Putinthat this is only temporary, and that the restructuring of the Bundeswehr was not meant to be taken seriously anyway, not to mention that in the future one would actually like to look at alternatives for its raw materials.

So political Germany is now hoping that somewhere in the world an American will soon make a blunder in an operation: then we'll all go through the streets and talk shows again and condemn US capitalism to the core!

Until then, political Germany will seek understanding for the tense situation in the East, gently point out the mistakes of the West and especially capitalism, which — as we all know — are the real cause of all evil, and continue to dismantle, slowly but surely , both NATO and the EU. The reasons for this are twofold: some want to restore our Greater Germany, which is so successful, and others want to finally help socialism to its final victory.

Freedom and democracy play no role at all. Human rights, what is that anyway?!

If political Germany were actually interested in this, we would be able to read today about how Viktor Orbán has dismantled democracy in the EU and how our politicians now want to save the rest of the EU before Vladimir Putin can reach its first milestone in the conquest of all of Europe.

tower road

Since my childhood in the 1960s — probably even before that — the city has wanted to beautify Turmstrasse. A few decades ago they even had good ideas and promised us, among other things, that the Pfühlbachs would be raised. But since to this day neither a mayor nor a city councilman has any personal interests in Turmstrasse, nothing has happened.

It's now 2022 and the state (!) has actually made a lot of money available for the conversion of Turmstraße. Something should actually happen now — by 2029 it could be the time this time. After more than 70 years, the city administration can certainly no longer be praised for this!

Unfortunately, the tree that we used to take care of when we were children as part of a voluntary campaign has also disappeared, as has a tree a few hundred meters away that belonged to the personal interests of a city councilor from the Greens (Karl Heinz Kimmerle) opposed.

And so I no longer have to be surprised if the Greens (Heilbronner Voice, April 04.04.2022th, 30: XNUMX) are now campaigning for the cars not to be removed from Turmstrasse. You can still live with the fact that the cars coming from Lammgasse and those at the end of Gerberstraße cross Turmstraße, but then only on very wide zebra crossings that give pedestrians the right of way. Everything else is no longer justifiable for Turmstraße.

And the good thing is, you could do it today without any additional cost! But cars will probably continue to have absolute priority there well into the 2030s. And this despite the fact that, according to statements by the city, there are more than enough parking spaces available at two public parking garages, one at each end of Turmstrasse, and cause unnecessary costs.

Speaking of costs. Is there also a cost breakdown at the end of the Turmstrasse conversion that shows how much money actually went into the conversion and how much money for the measures, experts and consultants accompanying the conversion?

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Bettina von Arnim