Feature photo: Stuttgart state parliament


A really relaxing day went with me Angelo Bengui's new song "Nzimbu - Janela Aberta", which was also presented live on Angolan television.

Angelo Bengui is the longstanding chairman of the German-African Association in Heilbronn. And when he's not in Angola, you can see him live at our club's regulars' table in Heilbronn.

And if you like the piece of music, you can still do it here on my blog download for free.


So I'm sitting comfortably on the couch with a cup of coffee and see if the sparrows come to eat. Silence in the house that I don't want to end by putting on an LP. Only the keyboard might make some noise, because I know I still treat keyboards like my first typewriter, where you really had to hit the key to get a letter onto the piece of paper — now that's called "pressing." and watching" just "WYSIWYG". Tell someone else that the world is getting easier.

Barely two meters away is the stack of exams and its mere presence makes me aware that I still have a lot to do this weekend.

When the rest of the house wakes up, I'm sure I'll find out all the other interesting and exciting things to do. And so I spare myself the hassle of looking at the calendar and just let myself be surprised.

New Year reception

Yesterday, the New Year's reception of the European associations in the Stuttgart state parliament was very pleasing. It was pleasant to meet so many colleagues from all over Baden-Württemberg and to exchange ideas with them in a relaxed atmosphere. I was particularly pleased that our Heilbronn delegation was well represented in the state parliament with 15 participants. And so it's not surprising that we just got back from Stuttgart today.

I really like the Stuttgart state parliament as a building and I would therefore be happy if our state parliament as a whole would fit into this one again. But there are more and more buildings around the state parliament building that make rooms available to the countless people who work there. And so our state parliament building is now actually a sham — just the other way around.

A side note: there have been a few black leather armchairs in the foyer of the state parliament for years, and they look pretty good. I took advantage of the calm before the start of the New Year's reception and sat down there. My very painful realization is that chairs should also be for sitting and not just for looking at — ok, if you are about a meter tall, then these chairs will also fit, but they are not suitable for a halfway established person.

Which once again convinced me that you shouldn't look at things from the outside, but from the content or function.