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The nice thing about urban communities is that they build up their cities over centuries, if not millennia, and usually maintain them constantly, if not at the mercy of socialism and its children.

Those cities that, like Berlin, are being built up by countless people from the surrounding regions and countries, despite the mentality of their own citizens to break down, can count themselves lucky.

This means that these cities have a “place of worship” status, such as: B. that of Stonehenge, and only have to make sure that when the “cult” that supports and sustains them dies out, they are then recognized as a world cultural heritage and continue to be maintained.

All other cities can not only follow the wallets of their own citizens, but must also follow their interests and preferences. As a result, these cities develop more slowly, but with their own charm, which then carries these cities successfully through the centuries.

The situation is different in those cities that are suddenly allowed to count one or more “super-rich” as citizens, who then all develop their own urban planning preferences.

This can work well if the city is big and democratic enough to help shape, sustainably develop and thus cope with these preferences and the resulting ideas — which will disappear again after a human lifetime at the latest.

In the event that the benefactors of a town or even a village are too big for these communities, the communities will inevitably have to live with the after-effects of these personally motivated construction measures.

And if it is then not possible for their citizens to continue to maintain these buildings or to use them for other purposes, and even the district, the state or the federal government - because there is no place of worship - does not participate in the further financing, these ultimately become the cities as ruins or characterize villages — Künzelsau could definitely serve as a future example and Heilbronn could just about turn the corner.


Since federal politics currently has little of interest to offer, apart from the usual parade around the coalition negotiations, and state politics will probably gather in Dubai over the winter months, we can be happy that the pandora project has been published.

The name alone makes you sit up and take notice and once again promises some Schadenfreude. Unfortunately, however, the whole thing, as with the Panama Papers before, dissolve in general good will. And even the gain in knowledge is only moderate, since the Pandora project only once again confirms to us citizens what we have known for a long time.


It is simply very pleasant when you start the new week after a relaxing weekend and nothing essential changes. It is even better when, as in Heilbronn, there is not even a latent danger of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or floods - the Neckar has been a very calm waterway for decades.

So it's not surprising that even reading the local newspaper leaves you feeling completely relaxed when you get up from the breakfast table.

If you look at it a little more closely, it might not be a bad idea at all to develop Heilbronn into a spa town center that is further enhanced by the surrounding spa communities.

And so some developments in Heilbronn suddenly make sense - we should only work on cleanliness a little more.

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