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Almost all daily tasks done and the weather is still playing along. The thought of letting your feet dangle comes to mind, there's no shortage of ideas, and if necessary the first restaurants in the district are open again - the volunteer office knocks and lets me complete this entry - tomorrow it'll be out Definitely the sun too.


Anyone who still has relatives in the cemetery can regularly enjoy the trees there, under which it is nice to walk, especially in sunny weather. From time to time I also take the opportunity to visit old friends and acquaintances. But even if you don't know anyone in the cemetery, it invites you to enjoy a little nature in peace and quiet and in a pleasant environment.

The development is very positive that more and more gaps are opening up between the graves, as some Heilbronners feared a few years ago that they would finally find their final resting place in a suburban cemetery.

police authority

To my great surprise, I had been able to see two employees of the police authority patrolling the pedestrian zone with Segways for months — it felt like there were fewer mask-muffles out and about. Whether it was because of the very good weather that these employees were so enthusiastic, or whether a responsible person in the city administration recognized that there are tasks that are less easy to do in the home office, remains to be seen.

So I was very pleased that I was able to observe for myself how the two city employees addressed a mask muffle, without any success, but at least. I was even happier that they didn't get discouraged immediately, but instead looked out for mask-muzzlers who might be a bit more cooperative.

Their efforts were clearly recognizable — but it should be common knowledge that neither an authority nor any other institution can exist in the long term if only the employees make an effort.


Although I am a staunch opponent of any privatization of administrative services or even infrastructure, I can understand when fellow citizens repeatedly demand this on the grounds that many of these tasks can be better managed privately.

I counter that with qualified and well-managed administrations you can ensure any state or municipal tasks better and ultimately cheaper. It also prevents private-sector gambles, which in the long term only cause serious economic damage — we have no shortage of relevant examples, which can currently be seen on a small scale in the rapid tests.

But as already said, this presupposes that administrations are qualified in the best possible way and are also success-oriented; the performance principle should have general validity.

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