Post Photo: Alexandra Daddario at the premiere "Why Women Kill" (2019)

Why Women Kill

Actually, I just wanted to write something about the 9-euro ticket, which cost us taxpayers a good 7,5 million euros in Heilbronn alone and, according to today's Heilbronner voice (31.08.2022/1/XNUMX: XNUMX), will cost a good two and a half billion euros nationwide. Since neither the environment nor the economy can be saved with planned economy measures - although this is of no concern to almost everyone - I prefer to leave the comments to the experts and look again for them the second season from "Why Women Kill" on.

Mark Cherry (Desperate Housewives) created this 2019 black comedy. The first season of 10 episodes takes place in parallel on three different time levels from 1963 to 2019 but in the same place, namely in Pasadena.

The second season takes place in 1949 and revolves around everything Alma Fillcot. The place Pasadena is the same again. And when I've had enough of the second season and the spook about the 9-euro ticket is still going on, then I'll wait and see the first season

Unfortunately, nothing came of the already planned third season of "Why Women Kill". Unlike our government, Hollywood cannot draw on unlimited tax funds and must therefore always check whether the projects ultimately pay for themselves or are at least desired by the public. I like the series in any case.

Alison Tolman shines as Web thickness and Nick Frost gives the loving husband Bertram Fillcot. Frost has already given me as Andy Knightly in The World's End (2013) liked and very good as Clive Gollings in Paul (2011). Is still worth mentioning Lana parrilla, who convinces as a faithless wife.

summer dance program

Yesterday evening I finished my first summer dance program; it was fun, even if I could hardly repeat what I learned today. But if it doesn't matter at all, I'll just learn it again in the upcoming dance program.

In the meantime, dancing has once again become one of our regular exercises, from my better half and me, and in addition to the certainly existing fun factor, it should also be healthy for mind and body. But the best thing about it is that we don't need a five-minute walk to the dance school. Living in the center of a city — or at least on the outskirts — has always paid off.

In addition to the one we visited Dance School Brenner There are at least eleven other dance schools in Heilbronn, so there really should be something for everyone who is interested in or interested in dancing.

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