There was indeed a time when such services were important and in demand. Today they are leftovers from the past and, in the case of the EU Member States as national ambassadors, a complete waste of money.

That is why it is probably no longer so important that ambassadors still have to have expertise or minimum requirements. These posts are now often given to criminal former ministers, former press spokesmen or other unsuccessful professional politicians.

The only consolation is that elsewhere it is already possible to buy such an ambassador post with a party donation. But this too will certainly not be long in coming for us.

For professional reasons, I had to endure very dubious figures in this function years ago, and as you can read now, things are not necessarily getting better. And so there is perhaps something halfway amusing about disposing of the worst politicians as ambassadors in the Vatican.

The innocent

More and more often and from more and more sides you suddenly hear that too Vladimir Putin not only was deceived, but is still being deceived. He was certainly not wrong, only weak democratic politicians do that.

Since the "If only the guide knew?!" still works so well for us today, we really don't have to think about it anymore! And before long it will probably be generally clear and everyone will agree that once again it is the secret services and the simple soldiers who will be to blame for all of this.

Those bad guys have so terribly deceived and misled Vladimir! If only he had known (!) he would have brought those traitors and scoundrels to justice and given us all gas and oil for free. How could you fool a flawless Democrat like that?!

And the oligarchs are completely innocent, why, even I don't know yet. But they will explain it to us soon.

But what I already know today is that we ordinary people will pay the entire bill and soon Putin and his friends will be explaining together on all talk shows how they saved the world once again.


There is no question that we are slowly approaching the first climax of a war, whether it is about the last European war (Kümmerle) or even already around a new world war (Moos) is, I do not want to discuss further at this point. Some fellow citizens are slowly realizing that wars don't work like in the movies or in books, some even understand that war not only consists of direct confrontations with weapons, but also has a "backcountry". We are currently in this hinterland — at least for now, one has to say. But there is also war in the hinterland or in the stages: we Germans are just getting to know this through our most beloved thing, our wallet.

It's bad enough that the Germans responsible for this war (politicians of the CDU, CSU and SPD: until recently they proudly called themselves the GroKo) are now evading responsibility. Angela Merkel has already holed up, who knows where. The rest of them, who are still only concerned with ripping off us citizens, are now hurrying up, like the CDU chairman today Friedrich Merz to affirm: "We have to admit that we were wrong." No, Mr. Merz, we we were not wrong they have all simply sold us, together with their colleagues, whether SPD or CSU!

The SPD, which can also be accused of having ideological reasons for selling out freedom and democracy, chooses a slightly different approach. Olaf Scholz and his comrades are now leading us to believe that the SPD was only born on the night of the last federal election and is now doing everything it can to save Germany. At the same time, the SPD is not even now in agreement as to whether it should support Germany and the whole of Europe at the same time Vladimir Putin presented as a gift, or whether their politicians can get away with it better if they now from Joe Biden let save.

But as democrats, we shouldn't be too shocked about it, because ultimately we citizens are all to blame for it, because that's the price of democracy: we chose these "rip-offs" ourselves! And deliberately not the representatives of a market economy or the representatives of ecological change. We chose the "ripoffs" because we were all adamant that we were one of the ripoffs ourselves — self-delusion, the best way to the abyss.

And if you now think that I can't top what I've said — far from it!

Because, whether we want it or not, we must slowly but surely get used to a kind of war economy, which, because after this war we are all officially bankrupt (except for the rip-offs!) — unofficially we were already in advance, which is why we are in this situation ("of the pension is safe" politicians) were maneuvered — and it will still take years, if not decades, before we have built up a viable and sustainable economy afterwards (after the war) — provided that freedom and democracy emerge victorious!

But what shakes me the most about this situation is that neither our politicians nor our economy want to recognize this situation, but continue to think primarily about their own personal advantage! It starts with our politicians, continues with our farmers and does not end with the oil and gas industry! — Everyone wants to get the best out of the situation again.

But was it ever different?

Right now we're enjoying those Ukrainians who really do everything for their country! And we are at least willing to help those Ukrainians who are unable or unwilling to do so.

And we can see quite well how some Russian soldiers react, realizing that they are only being burned for a dictator and a few oligarchs and their families. If Russians will soon be celebrating again in Germany and Europe and throwing champagne and caviar around, it will certainly not be the Russian soldiers. Vladimir Putin and Co. will certainly soon be welcomed and praised by our politicians again - after all, we all know each other.

At least my generation of soldiers was raised very critically and forced to constantly criticize themselves — and that's a good thing! — and now more and more soldiers are beginning to wonder if their oath "the right and freedom“ to defend still applies to our entire German society — the right of the strongest and the freedom of the rip-off?

Worse still, does our society want to be defended at all? And then of "murderers", "Nazis" and "civilian failures"?

I'm not the only one who believes that there really is a great need for discussion in Germany! And we citizens should all clarify a thing or two, before we might still be forced to go to arms (at least we soldiers!). Throwing 100 billion euros to the fastest politicians and their usual clientele does not help.

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