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If you visit one of the most beautiful shopping centers in the world again and again, you cannot avoid observing the people there. The said South coast plaza impresses with its cleanliness — you could eat off the floor there. In addition, there are helpers and supervisors everywhere, so that nobody has to feel unsafe there.

In addition to the cleanliness, I particularly like the fact that all the well-known companies and brands are represented there and you can therefore quickly get a good overview of trade and commerce. But as I said, for me the really exciting thing is the people there, from the tourists and occasional shoppers to the power shoppers and bargain hunters.

And the appropriate restaurants are also taken care of, so that you can spend a lot of time there. At first I always noticed the many Europeans walking through the mall with full shopping bags, today it's mostly Asians. Many of them fly in from China or Japan to indulge in a few days of shopping.

Exciting and for me to observe that there have been shopping advisors there for a few years who help the power shoppers with their purchases. Many of today's shoppers obviously also want to save time and nerves when shopping. And the whole thing obviously works quite well there, because the South Coast Plaza can also score with a few outlet stores and other bargain shops.

And so even today, if you plan your purchases well, you can at least save on your own travel expenses by shopping in the mall. With the help of local professionals, the power shoppers will undoubtedly succeed in maximizing their profits when shopping.

Such an example are currently many bags, which I was able to marvel at in the Galeries Lafayette in Strasbourg and which could have been bought there for several hundred euros. Here I found the same bags for barely 40 euros to buy. But you can still buy them in the mall at the original price - although the shopping experience with the glass of champagne in hand probably counts.

But you also have to take into account that if something from e.g. B. Versace is 80% off, this surely wonderful something will still remain off most people's shopping list.

Due to the current weather, I also looked at an unfamiliar brand of coat that originally went for just under $6 and is now less than $000. I still think the best bargains are the ones you don't get, and that's how I saved $1 yesterday.

The most exciting thing this year was a change in the restaurant sector, another restaurant received a Michelin star and two American restaurant chains had to give way to Asian ones. The special thing about it is that in front of the two Asian restaurants, the Asian shoppers were standing in front of the two Asian restaurants and investing the time saved by the shopping professionals in queuing - just like many Germans who do not go to Tenerife without their schnitzel or can live a currywurst.

One try

Churches also have their structural problems and, as with states, it primarily depends on the respective people. Far too much importance is now attached to the church buildings themselves and especially to their administrations.

Especially in times when people are becoming more mobile again and are thus freeing ourselves from structures that still had their meaning in the clods of people. If states as well as churches want to survive, then they have to find the right answers for the present times; Dumbing down and imprisoning the respective members are the wrong answers.

If you have been mobile your whole life, it is difficult to find the right church and even more difficult to return to an old church. But it's not bad if you belong to a church that doesn't claim to be worldwide but is nevertheless represented worldwide.

In this way, church buildings themselves gain a wider meaning, because they also create closeness in the distance. And because it's Pentecost, I looked for a suitable church and found it right away in the neighborhood.

Orange County's oldest surviving Protestant church was built in 1876. Unfortunately, yesterday we stood in front of closed doors, the congregation was probably frozen - but who could blame her for that at Pentecost?

Unfortunately, open churches hardly make any sense nowadays and so it might not be bad if you could get access to all churches, at least of your own denomination, with a kind of “church card”. I think this would be a real added value, especially for members who pay church tax.


Not only the Heilbronn city administration is getting fatter, but overall our administrations are getting fatter. And so it didn't help that I've been writing about this since my youth and still see a state that is as lean as possible as the basis of every functioning democracy.

Unfortunately, the majority of Germans see it completely differently, either we dream of being civil servants ourselves or at least we have a cousin in some administration. The latter has become increasingly likely over the past few decades. And so the demands at that time to abolish the civil service altogether have long since faded away. Although I am still convinced today that a highly qualified civil service is good for every society; in case the selected officials are qualified and motivated. Unfortunately, however, we live in a crony economy and all jobs in the state environment have degenerated primarily into pure supply posts.

Jan Hildebrand notes in the Handelsblatt (29.5.2023) that "the civil service boom ... [is] the completely wrong signal.His research revealed an increase in the number of civil servants in the federal authorities from around 17 civil servants in 000 to around 2010 civil servants today. The current federal government alone has created 30 new civil servant positions in the Chancellery and the federal ministries since the beginning of government.

“But an XL government sends the completely wrong signal at the wrong time. The companies are not only suffering from weak economic development - the country is in a recession - but also the acute shortage of skilled workers is causing them problems."

Jan Hildebrand, Handelsblatt (May 29.5.2023, XNUMX)

Jan Hildebrand completely missed the fact that we already have XXL governments today and that supply apparatuses have never been the right signal to business and society!

And so we remain the world champions of nepotism and are once again well on the way to becoming Europe's problem child again, because every democracy falls apart with its economic and social decline. And as in the Weimar Republic, the anti-democrats only have to watch as our democracy says goodbye all by itself - which can currently be observed quite well in the approval of the AfD and the support of other anti-democratic forces.

"But, to speak practically and as a citizen, unlike those who call themselves no-government men, I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government. Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it."

Henry DAvig Thoreau, Walden (2020 [1854]: 312)

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