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I've already been asked where the monthly newsletter of the EUROPA-UNION is, since Europe Week is just around the corner. I like to write, but how do I find the right words in this situation — the weblog readers are used to my frank words, otherwise they wouldn't keep coming back here.

I would very much like to be a little clearer again in the coming newsletter, the only question is how much can you still expect from the recipients today? But I'm already used to the fact that my newsletters can also lead to one or the other unsubscribing from them.

Slowly but surely the Potemkin village that we have all built up so beautifully is falling apart and apart from our reputation in the world, which has never been the best, only rubble and a destroyed environment will probably remain. And this time we even managed to do this without directly participating in or starting a war. Chapeau, dear professional politicians!

It really can't get much worse than that. In the worst case, the Bundestag and a government in exile will govern us from Hawaii; there should still be enough gold reserves in the USA.

war debt

There is no question that the Russian Federation bears the blame for the illegal attack on Ukraine, which incidentally began as early as 2014 (!). Since these from Vladimir Putin and his faithful - it is not just one man alone - is governed, one can name these ladies and gentlemen on behalf of all Russians and, even better, present them before an international tribunal.

The great advantage of such a tribunal is that the entire matter can be well prepared and analyzed. has for decades Vladimir Putin a criminal network of conspiracies and preparations for a war of aggression has also been stretched in the West. Because without his Western accomplices, the attack on the Ukraine would not have been possible in the first place.

They find these accomplices all over the western world, but for us Germans it is once again a great shame that we are among the main supporters, if not among the guarantors, of this war of aggression — and we Germans are the same again, who remain loyal to their "socialist brother-in-arms" to the end. Peoples who (happily) count Stalin and Hitler among their more successful politicians today have a lot more in common than some would like to admit.

And so I hope that there will be an international tribunal that will then also clarify the question of complicity in this completely senseless mass murder. That Gerhard Schroeder and Angela Merkel belong to it, no one will want to doubt it anymore. And also representatives of the incumbent government like Olaf Scholz and even the President Frank-Walter Steinmeier are included.

These would have Vladimir Putin but couldn't have supported it so successfully if the GroKo hadn't existed for it — now we also know the actual purpose of such a grand coalition, since we've always asked ourselves what it wants to achieve at all.

And so it is the many GroKo politicians from the Union and the SPD as well as some prime ministers whose participation in these aggressive war preparations should be examined more closely (the defense ministers are already officially responsible).

But as in the Third Reich, without the countless fellow citizens who willingly pulled along at all levels, this team effort would not have been possible. And in Heilbronn, too, those who are loyal to Putin are still sticking to their convictions, which were so nicely linked at the beginning of the war with the Conclusion of a new town twinning were celebrated.

Open letter

The picture fits and my prejudices are confirmed once again. It is only logical that this letter is also published on EMMA. And that too Dieter nuhr, one of the other illustrious co-signers, has long since passed its prime, has been living from mere bullying for a long time and is now really doing everything to keep the conversation going.

“On the contrary, we urge you to do everything you can to ensure that a ceasefire can be reached as soon as possible; to a compromise that both sides can accept.”


That's the one Alice Schwarzer how she lives and breathes. A crime is only a crime if the perpetrator or victim has the "wrong political leanings". As a result, women or men should not behave like this when they are raped and at least as a compromise should allow the “benefactor” a few rapes.

“The second borderline is the level of destruction and human suffering among Ukrainian civilians. At some point, even legitimate resistance against an aggressor is in unbearably disproportionate.”


You can hardly put it any more beautifully, because the more massive and cruel a mass murderer murders, the faster the victim loses any right to self-defense.

"... tackle the original aggressor and not also those who, with their eyes wide open, provide him with a motive for possibly criminal action." 


And it was also to be expected that ultimately the Americans, the capitalists and everyone else who wants to defend themselves, will be the aggressor and the poor Vladimir Putin Deliver the motive "with open eyes" - actually only for his self-defense (SIC!). And everything that Putin does or could do is only “possibly criminal”.

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