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If there's something good, I'm more than happy to tell you about it. Has a few days ago Petra Müller-Kromer, a journalist with the Heilbronner Voice, called me and asked me about the recent decision of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn, which affects the future cooperation with the Heilbronn twin towns. I found out from my circle of acquaintances that Petra Müller-Kromer been researching this topic for a while and also interviewed other club chairmen and other people. It's always very gratifying to see how journalists do their work. Especially since I know that if you do it right, it's a very time-consuming job, and the products often don't get the space they deserve in the relevant media.

And so yesterday I was very positively surprised that the research by Petra Müller-Kromer has borne fruit, and we Heilbronners were able to read a successful newspaper article in the Heilbronner Voice (November 29.11.2022, 25: XNUMX); and the title alone "Europa-Union wants to provide momentum' is the best thing I've read in the local newspaper lately.

And the EUROPA-UNION is about to get down to business and that's how it will be Thomas Heiligenmann on Friday, January 20, 2023 give a lecture about our twin town Béziers. We will then talk about how we can best inform the citizens of Bézier about our new idea and maybe also get them excited about it.

Neckar locks

Anyone who believed that after all the current announcements by our MPs, who according to their own statements have worked tirelessly but always in vain for decades to repair the Frankenbahn, to expand the A6 federal autobahn, or even to expand and renovate the Neckar locks, are now seeing the first successes set, he only has to post the article from today Alexander Hettich Read in the Heilbronner Voice (November 30.11.2022, 21: XNUMX) entitled "Movement in the dispute over Neckar locks". Because our city celebrities spent a few nice days together in Berlin, which brought the mayor to the following conclusion: "If sensible alternatives are presented, a solution without lengthening the locks is also conceivable."

So we can now assume that the Neckar locks will continue to disintegrate, that the BAB 6 will only have three lanes in 30 to 40 years and that the war damage on the Frankenbahn will not be repaired even after more than 100 years.

On the other hand, if our Heilbronn celebrities are to be believed, the Sempdner Kleist archive in the city of Heilbronn will be the best Kleist archive in the world, right after the one in our partner city Frankfurt a. O. and especially in front of the German Literature Archive in Marbach. And if that's not enough for us Heilbronners, we get another wine bar on top.

Because our professional politicians know one thing, namely how to win elections.

Putin Whisperer

Today I was allowed to read the following in the Heilbronn city newspaper:

“Russian gas exports to Germany have long been a thorn in the side of the USA; For a long time they have been meddling indecently in our energy policy and sanctioning German companies. Now the Nord Stream pipeline has been blown up. … Does anyone want to prevent us from going back to Russian gas?”

Wolf Teilacker, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Heilbronner Stadtzeitung, November 30.11.2022, 2: XNUMX)

And so far I thought that the statements made by our far-right city councilors could no longer be undercut, but I have to assume that there are other city councilors who really support everything that even remotely goes against the USA and thus also against its values — many forget that these are the values ​​of the western world, including ours, and that we have been living quite well with them for over 70 years.

And no, the US or NATO did not blow up the pipeline! Just as NATO has not shot down a Dutch airliner and killed 298 Union citizens in the process. And no, NATO is not currently murdering hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians — many of them women and children.

All this makes Vladimir Putin, from which clearly responsible parts of Bündnis90/Die Grünen would like to have gas again as soon as possible and probably a lot more, such as liberation from the USA or even from our free-democratic basic order.

And so I'm already looking forward to when a delegation from the municipal council and the city administration will make a pilgrimage to the Russian Federation to reactivate a victorious and successful town twinning and lead it to new shores.

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In honor of the Putin whisperers in the Heilbronn municipal council