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Response Force

I worked there for years and this from the very beginning, only to find out during the current election campaign that an EU intervention force was urgently needed. 

It is precisely those who are now vehemently demanding an intervention force who have done everything to make our work as difficult as possible.

Since I've been out of business for too long now, I just don't get angry anymore. 

Meeting point Europe

Everything has to come to an end and I very much regret that we have to draw a line after 30 years. After the volunteers had only had headwinds from the administration for eight years and this would probably only increase over the next eight years, the municipal council has never really been interested in this festival and its clubs and only a few clubs are willing to really get involved we do the whole thing — at least for now.


It's nice to be a citizen of a big city, even if this has little to do with any reality and is only due to an antiquated convention. I had already written about this on my weblog.

If, as in Heilbronn, you claim not only to be a university town but also a big city, you have to be willing to professionalize the administration, including its top management, and refrain from cherished customs. Administrative positions may then only be thrown out as supply posts in exceptional cases and only in the lowest wage groups, and one should scrupulously ensure that the administration does not recruit itself or even fall prey to nepotism.

And as Lord Mayor, there is an urgent need for an expert who is as competent as possible — it has never been successful to generate one from one’s own house; With the exception of small towns and communities.

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