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Business idea

If I were 20 years younger, I would have participated in a startup this time. But it quickly became clear that there were other areas of focus for me and that I was no longer interested in larger experiments.

And as soon as one thing was off the table, I found a business idea that was new to me and probably completely risk-free. When shopping yesterday in a fruit and vegetable store, spray bottles were prominently offered.

The spray bottles are a "Fruit & Veggi Wash" that's priced at $5 and consists of 99 ounces of water and maybe a "secret formula." This "Fruit & Veggi Wash" is said to be able to:

  • Removes dirt and soil that can carry bacteria;
  • Lifts pesticides, chemicals, wax and heavy metals;
  • Keeps producing fresh up to 5x longer.

If you want to sell this "Fruit & Veggi Wash" in Aries, you can certainly ask for 10 euros for the bottle.


I had arranged to meet for dinner yesterday and used the waiting time to stroll through my favorite mall again.

Everyone knows that the weather is supposed to get worse when the swallows fly lower. And that there is probably a new iPhone when young men are queuing in front of the Apple store, one can still understand halfway. But today I saw a phenomenon that I can't explain with the best will in the world, namely a queue in front of the Chanel store. More and more women gathered there, so as not to look at the window displays together, but to wait patiently in front of the shop door until it was their turn.

And before I could really get my head around it, the line was getting so long that one of the salespeople stepped outside and started making appointments. But even that didn't shorten the line.

I was already tempted to ask the ladies what was special today or even to point out that there were other opportunities in the mall to stock up on Chanel products, but then I had to go on to avoid my appointment to keep waiting.


It was already a topic here in the weblog, namely how the citizens of rams sold out by their elected officials. First, the mayor there buys a completely overpriced website without the consent of the local council, and then the local council also joins in and they throw around 200 euros out of the window for the time being.

Today, thanks to the Heilbronner Voice (June 3.6.2023, 31: 30), we can find out the maximum cost of such a deluxe homepage, because the very wealthy municipality of Flein has been affording a new homepage for 36 years. The people from Flein invest a one-time investment of 000 euros and pay a further 550 euros a month for their operation.

You could have it for a one-time fee of $1 and an additional $000 a month if you wanted to — but throwing other people's money out the window is just so much fun.

The Aries also afford a mayor who doesn't even have to be there — which is probably even better for everyone involved. And as early as 2024, the Aries will again elect the same people's representatives.

It might not be a bad idea to put a fence around this community and charge admission.

"It is a vulgar error to suppose that you have tasted huckleberries who never plucked them."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden (2020 [1854]: 161)

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