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You can find a newspaper article here Misha Firer from the Staats-Zeitung, number 20 (May 21, 2022, page GT4), which I do not want to withhold from my readers. I will not comment on this article here and let it affect each reader himself. The only thing that amazes me is how Russian citizens in Europe and especially here in Heilbronn make themselves very comfortable, but celebrate their dictator with all his mass murderers every day anew.

Calendar & Forum

I also use my little break to tinker with my weblog again. I immediately reversed a fundamental layout change, namely when a reader — probably by his standards — protested vehemently. And I thought that I was the only one accessing the weblog's start page.

In any case, I have now given up my calendar again, because even if readers or club members keep asking for it, the calendar is hardly ever used. And it really makes no sense, at least for me, to populate a calendar that is then not used.

The situation is different again with the forum, here I have found a use for myself that is worth the further maintenance. Among other things, I'm collecting impressions there that I might later be able to turn into independent blog posts; so I have there z. B. the forum worth seeing cities set up.

And I now collect my “flashes of thought” under tweets, which saves the “Twitterers” a lot of trouble and unnecessary justifications for me.

There is hardly a better way to enjoy a meal.


A person once said that life should be a beach, and as I do my rounds on the Pacific coast, I understand this fellow person better and better. This is probably also a reason why a good 80 percent of the world's population lives no more than 100 kilometers from a sea coast.

And this is probably also the reason why, even as a child, when we Germans were allowed and able to travel again, the caravan went across the Alps to Italy every summer. Our northern roommates probably used their own beaches or simply those of their neighbors.

In any case, a beach is a pleasant affair for everyone - no matter what age - and so I enjoy the days by the sea to the fullest.

Walk at low tide

And for those lucky enough to be able to live by the sea all year round, there are always a few things to think about for those around them.

Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach

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