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Press freedom

In addition to freedom of expression, it is a very important good that fewer and fewer fellow citizens value. Otherwise Germany would hardly be falling behind in this area. On the occasion of today's press freedom day, the Tagesschau announces: "Germany dropped out of the top group for the first time last year. Since then, the situation of press freedom has no longer been considered 'good', but only 'satisfactory'".

This is also very interesting current ranking of press freedom, which is set up by Reporters Without Borders. Germany is now ahead of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Jamaica, the Seychelles, Switzerland and Iceland.

The good thing is that we are still at the top of the slightly larger nations (16th place). The UK only comes in at number 26, which puts me at one of Boris Johnson led government is not surprising. However, we shouldn't take this as an opportunity to be satisfied with ourselves again, but we should do everything we can to work our way back into the top group.

Freedom of the press also thrives on the variety of products, and I also see a threat to freedom of the press in the increasing centralization and monopolization of the press — even if this is not actually the intention.

You also have to be willing and able to afford a free press. This is where I see the greatest danger for a free press in our country. Not through censorship or deliberate influence, but through the ever-increasing costs for publishers and press makers, which ultimately have to be passed on to the reader. And many readers, if not most readers, then switch to free or cheap products - a vicious circle begins.

And even for bloggers like me, the well-intentioned regulation of the Internet is making it more and more difficult and also more expensive to run your own weblog.

Here the state would have to intervene in a regulatory manner, namely to the extent that responsible citizens are supported by fewer conditions and not underage citizens are patronized. With this “state philosophy” a democratic state ultimately abolishes itself! In the meantime, I am of the opinion that this is also entirely what we wanted and that it is not an oversight or even an error on the part of those responsible.

tower road

Today we also learn in the Heilbronner Voice (May 03.05.2022, 26: XNUMX) that the planned citizens' forum for the realization competition redesign tower road and Zehntgasse had to be canceled at short notice for the second time due to illness. The redevelopment of Turmstraße, which has been promised for decades, is dragging along just like that Frankenbahn and the Neckar locks also.

I am now assuming that this is exactly what our representatives want. They put off their voters and don't have to familiarize themselves with any new issues - they can spend their entire political lives with it and at the end of their careers they can also be celebrated for having spent a good 40 years unsuccessfully supporting these projects to have.

But probably the other way around it will turn into a shoe: they secure their careers by delaying these projects for as long as possible and thus fulfilling their party-political task "for the benefit of a higher whole".

We would only have to want to find out who would benefit from the lack of expansion of the Frankenbahn, the Neckar locks or the Turmstraße and we would soon get to know the people behind our policy - our fear of this is probably too great!

show running

I was very happy about the comment from today Norbert Wallet in the Heilbronner part (May 03.05.2022, 2: XNUMX), the war tourism by Friedrich Merz to Kyiv thinks shabby.

"In order to correctly assess the trip of the CDU chairman Friedrich Merz to Kyiv, a very simple question helps: Who is actually benefiting from it? Certainly not Ukraine. The leader of the opposition comes completely empty-handed. He cannot make new offers of help, let alone promises of help. He's not a government official. Nor does he bring a message from the federal government. ... But you can also just think that this unnecessary trip is pretty shabby.”

Norbert Wallet (Voice from Heilbronn, May 02.05.2022nd, 5: XNUMX)

And so that the CDU really serves all of its voters, has Michael Kretschmer spoke out against the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. "In a joint presidium meeting of the CDU and CSU, Kretschmer said, according to the "Bild" newspaper, that the Union had to take this attitude into account. It does not reflect “the majority of published opinions”, but the “majority opinion of society – mine as well“. The "image" relied on information from participants and a spokesman for the Prime Minister.“ (Daily news, May 3.5.2022, 07, 31:XNUMX a.m.: Kretschmer against delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine).

I don't just believe in war tourism Friedrich Merz for shabby, but the entire show running of the CDU, which more and more obviously only serves their own election campaigns, in order to quickly get a handle on the newly awarded billions in Germany's expenditure.

site of the day

Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders was founded in Montpellier in 1985 by four French journalists and has been campaigning for freedom of the press and against censorship worldwide ever since.

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James Brown, Bing Crosby and Niccolò Machiavelli

    • That looks very dramatic. But in order to be able to classify it better, you would have to have a price comparison to another product with you.

      I also think the HST is very expensive. But here you have to look at how large the readership actually is. Newspapers like the NYT or even the FAZ can calculate completely differently. You also have to take that into account.

      Ultimately, the question is whether you a local paper want to afford. And if more would say yes, the prices for everyone could certainly fall again.

      So a vicious circle was probably started a long time ago. We know exactly where this is going.