Since they were communicating with each other about something else, it came as a complete surprise that we ate together: one side in Naples, the other in Heilbronn. And although I did my best at the grill, I finally had to admit that the food in Naples was of a completely different quality. In the evening, however, both sides sat together with the same wine, one Nepetine di Oliena, and all was right with the world for each of us. A revenge will certainly not be long in coming.


Hans Müller, who can also be found on my weblog as a guest blogger, follows the developments around our Europe with great verve and also comments on them very pointedly. Today he wrote a forum post on the "Scottish conglomeration - future as an independent nation in the EU?", which I am happy to recommend reading. [Forums shut down in 2022.]

city ​​council

Recently, the city administration surprised a little with their official statements. On the one hand, she claims that due to technical problems, some Heilbronn clubs cannot be entered on the website of the city of Heilbronn, which is still possible without any problems with other clubs, and on the other hand, that the public order office is daily - even at weekends - in the Pedestrian zone controls carried out.

With the former, I am firmly convinced that it is a purely arbitrary act and with the latter that the responsible city employees have obviously not yet been informed that controls in the pedestrian zone from the home office are not a good idea.

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