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After today's judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court on environmental protection, and the statements made by the politicians responsible for it, a few politicians seem to have understood that problems cannot be solved by constantly delaying them into the coming century - at least they claim it is now all the talk shows and news programs up and down.

If we really want to save the environment and our democracy, then we urgently need minimum requirements for professional politicians and their willingness to take action and also want to take responsibility for it.

traffic concept | Paula-Fuchs-Allee

The Paula-Fuchs-Allee was not only intended as a necessary access road for the Neckar bend, but also as a relief road for the already more than plagued inner city. Not building this now, as planned, will not save the utopia of the car-poor district, since higher earners still like to travel by car, but at least they would love to have one in front of the house in a very representative way. In addition, this manifests the unsightly bridge parking lot and unnecessarily burdens the city center with traffic.

And to hope that then, out of sheer desperation about his local council, Dieter schwarz financing the new Kranenstrasse past the experimental car parks is unfair. This measure would be a later and necessary addition to Paula-Fuchs-Allee, since the Neckar arc will be home to around 5000 cars, at least in the medium term, and a "downtown location" will always generate more through traffic.

That is why some politicians should slowly but surely bury their dreams of an inner city district for "green" higher earners and ensure that a large city has a coherent overall concept for all traffic.

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