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Dance class

To end a relaxing weekend with a dance class, what more could you ask for? In any case, I was able to find out again today that there are still - but maybe again - enough people willing to dance. And so I now hope that we will also find many dance enthusiasts for our Europe Ball.

Now a first look at the already somewhat older book by Bernard Lown, which bears the promising title "The Lost Art of Healing - Practicing Compassion in Medicine" and then it will soon be time again for me to direct the meseno bus towards the northern part of our district.


I spend a really relaxed Sunday writing newsletters. The Free Voters should have theirs in their mailboxes by now. In it I inform the Heilbronn members about the latest events and the current status of our candidate lists. As already mentioned, 2024 is coming sooner than we would all like. A few days ago, an acquaintance informed me that Christmas was soon to come and I couldn't help but see if our municipal employees were already putting up the fairy lights again.

It will still take a little while for the EUROPA-UNION newsletter, since the meetings of the last two days have been very productive and also very successful for our association. And so I can report quite a few things.


Yesterday evening I simply skipped a very exciting event celebrating the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Elysée Treaty in Strasbourg and instead enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.

And so now my exam is ready for printing and can be duplicated. For this I organized an appointment at the university, which I then also had a coffee with Detlef Stern connect

I also took a look around to see who else of my friends and acquaintances is blogging. Thomas Heiligenmann also has his own weblog since 2014; although he obviously took a kind of creative hiatus there. In any case, he has similar thoughts to mine, because he has deleted one or the other social media account. I, too, who recently had social media accounts again, have been thinking again about why I'm running them at all. In any case, and this is my experience from logging in and out of Twitter and other media, this is unproductive and even detrimental to future social media appearances. For example, I didn't get my old name accounts back and this was with the argument "deleted is deleted", although new systems mostly failed because "the corresponding account already exists".

Just like in real life, on-off relationships are worth little or nothing. But like me Herbert Burkhardt assured that if I want to run for office, then I have to be able to come up with appearances on social media. And so I will probably have no choice but to continue to maintain these channels, at least until 2024.

But back to the personal blogs, now I'm curious to see if Thomas Heiligenmann reactivated his blog. If so, then this will be found soon in my own blogroll.

Memento died

You're just playing and it's all over...