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The excitement of the day is again a statement from our "NSDAP hero worshiper" city councillors, one of whom has been denigrating our Chancellor as the "killer of Würzburg" since yesterday. The way these city councilors have been doing for the last two years is now rubbing off on the entire municipal council, since it tolerates such failures with very few exceptions, and thus gives the impression that such unbearable things are now part of the good manners of our city.

Torsten Henke analyzed the whole thing very aptly in today's voice commentary "The abominable act in Würzburg also raises uncomfortable questions". However, the fact that it has to be the right-wing extremist municipal councils in Heilbronn who rush into such tragic and perhaps avoidable events only makes it worse for us Heilbronners!

vaccination rate

Now you can once again read the excuses and excuses as to why things don't work out as well here in Heilbronn as in other cities. The inadequate vaccination rate in Heilbronn is a direct result of the insufficient information policy of our city administration; to put it bluntly, it is simply not enough to employ just one agency and then post their products in the basement of the town hall.

From the beginning, the top management - we are in one Pandemic, ergo urgent need for action! — have to act offensively and personally. Unfortunately, our administration is still sitting out the pandemic and waiting for everything to pass by itself. A movement in this regard can only be observed where transfer payments or external support can be obtained. But an administration should be able to do more than wait for directives from above and look for subsidies.

congestion charge

A general toll has been a rather liberal idea for decades, which, despite its proximity to the market, simplicity and effectiveness, has never really had a chance of being implemented in Germany. The truck toll is only a halfway working and half-hearted attempt, which was only introduced to generate additional revenue for the state.

The idea behind a toll is not to rob citizens in a very general and arbitrary manner, but to link the (toll) charge to their actual use of the road and, at the same time, to steer traffic through flexible tariffs. And in the spirit of a levy, the income also flows solely into the construction and maintenance of the roads. However, this does not mean that no further tax revenue would have to be used for the transport infrastructure.

The city toll, which is currently being discussed in Heilbronn, would also have the charm that it comes from below and could later prevail at the district, state, federal or even European level. And you can definitely use the existing system of truck tolls to avoid having to build customs houses.

site of the day

German Life Saving Society

As a former DLRGer I can recommend this water rescue organization without any ifs or buts. But there would have to be a lot of young fellow citizens working as lifeguards so that this has a positive effect on us again, and so fewer people drown in our waters and baths.

birthday of the day

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Philosopher and political theorist who strongly influenced not only the supporters of the French Revolution but also the Romantics. It is still mentioned today both in my own book and here on my weblog.

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