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James Bond

If there really isn't anything worth seeing on television, but the flicker box is supposed to light up the room, then we traditionally have a James Bond Movie shown. In all these years I have not been able to assert myself with my suggestions, this on the subject of "head of the family".

And so everyone in my family can probably lead the conversations of the protagonists there themselves without any problems. But what is new is that after James Bond recently left us heroically and his resurrection will probably take a few years to come, my better half now to the books by Ian Fleming falls back.

Ian Fleming, who I personally remember well because of his book “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, is by the way his birthday. After stumbling across one of his books this morning and already mentioning him under "Birthday of the Day", he now completes my blog post today before I head to the Jacuzzi with a good book and end the day, which at most of the readers of this post is already tomorrow.

time shift

Please don't be surprised if, as a weblog reader, you get references to yesterday's microblog posts in your inbox. "Your yesterday" is currently "my today" and so I'm a little behind the times when it comes to local events in Heilbronn.

But I was able to spend a wonderful day on the beach and this at lunchtime — according to my current calendar — with an excellent meal my favorite Italian in Newport Beach crown. Since me with Marco Carrieri friends, I have a whole new perspective on restaurants, especially Italian ones. And so today I enjoyed an excellent meat dish, while my companions had different types of pasta on their plates. But they didn't let it be taken away and each had an excellent dessert.

Chris Kurbjuhn regularly makes my mouth water with his culinary experiences in his web corner, so that I don't want to start posting my own culinary experiences here as well. If you are looking for good recipes, you are still at “Shard Bun Supplier“ in very good hands.

Nevertheless, I can't help but post a corresponding picture of today's dessert of my better half - since I think Tiziana continues to make the best tiramisu ever. Tina and I both agree that the tiramisu from il Farro in Newport Beach comes suspiciously close to Titian's creation.

Tiramisu (Il Farro in Newport Beach)

birthday of the day

Ian Fleming

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