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understanding of technology

Very topical again, in Germany a technology is brought to market maturity with tax money and other subsidies and then everyone is suddenly surprised that the technology owners are selling this now successful technology abroad.

And if that doesn't work with the new technology - we also know examples here - the owners don't have to worry about their money, let alone being held liable - we let the technology and research cost us something!

A few rich families and shareholders are left behind, but mostly also some soon-to-be ex-employees who will no longer have an income in the future and therefore have to be supported with additional tax funds.

The danger is that this will slowly but surely plunder our country. It would be better if profits that were created through state transfer payments were taxed at up to 100%. This not only secures a technological advantage, but also one's own jobs.


It is good that the Heilbronner Voice (April 28.4.2023, 24: XNUMX) is again thinking about how to deal with the vacancies in the city center. Thomas Zimmerman means that you need future concepts.

Even though I myself always and happily welcome innovative concepts and follow some new developments like the KAI in Kaiserstrasse with interest, I am still firmly convinced that a city center stands and falls with its owner-managed shops. In addition, of course, there are the usual chains to round it off and a few completely new or even ancient experiments that give the whole thing its own identity - you then know that you are moving in the Heilbronn pedestrian zone.

Unfortunately, you only know this today when you are run over or hit by all kinds of vehicles in Heilbronn's pedestrian zone, rummage through the rubbish, encounter the drinkers and beggars on every corner and after visiting the pubs - of which there are many — searches in vain for public toilets.

I claim that if you put our city back in a presentable state and at the same time ensure peace and order, you can very quickly get a lively and very attractive inner city again. This includes the fact that inner city residents can sleep peacefully from 23.00 p.m. at the latest. If you want to roam the streets longer, you can easily and happily switch to Hafenstraße or other places that are ideally suited for this and that form an attractive part of the city for you.

Unfortunately, you also hear from many business owners that the regulatory office is completely failing - an observation that I have been sharing here for a long time - and would rather scare away customers and residents than face the rabble.

Anyone who is surprised about vacancies in Heilbronn does not have to look for future concepts at all, but first of all make sure that our well-equipped and always freshly showered city administration — well over 3 employees and soon with a council decision even more — starts with it to carry out their original tasks.

Hydroelectric power station

The Heilbronn hydroelectric power plant, which was connected to the grid in 1956, still generates energy for a good 1,7 households with its 3 megawatt capacity, but is probably of little interest to Zeag Energie AG anymore; you prefer to buy cheap electricity from outside and thus increase your profits.

That's why people are now slowly but surely looking at new possible uses and so I'll bring my own suggestion into play. The hydroelectric power plant fits perfectly into the Experimenta portfolio, which can be found right next door. Somewhat processed, costs that Zeag shies away from, the hydroelectric power plant not only continues to produce electricity, but also shows the interested public how hydroelectric power is generated. A few more solar panels on the roof and you can even demonstrate solar energy to the audience as an example.

The whole thing is complemented by the existing fish ladder, which brings river life and ecology into play. The icing on the cake is the rake in front of the power plant, which shows how to remove garbage and other objects from the river. And if you want to take the whole thing to the absolute climax, you can add a bubble barrier, the function of which can then be observed quite well from the café.

At least I think that this fits very well with the existing Experimenta and further broadens and expands their customer base.

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