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The total resistance

There are countries in Europe that are actually able and willing to do military service. These countries have also laid the foundations for their populations so that they can prepare for emergencies; not everyone has to become a resistance fighter.

The somewhat older citizens of our country still know how to stock up on supplies that are suitable for them and how to take certain precautions. My advice to my generation is that they should not assume that they will be able to escape the overall situation by taking a plane or car in the short term. This luxury will probably only be reserved for our people's representatives.

If you are concerned about the current situation - let's not assume that there will be a nuclear war - I recommend an older book by Major H. from roof with the title "Total resistance - small war instructions for everyone".

The book gives a good impression of what can happen if there is no territorial army or if the last of our own armed forces have had to leave our country.

horse market

It is very gratifying that the horse market on the Theresienwiese was also a complete success. That proves that with my suggestions, also the Christmas Market to organize there for the last two years was not entirely wrong. This would certainly have helped our market operators a lot.

Due to the current events, however, I did not feel like visiting the market myself. So I only had to torture myself on the Sunday walk through the illegal parkers in the Neckar bend and Kanalstrasse. But you have to hand it to our country dwellers, they are very resourceful when it comes to finding free parking spaces — and it doesn't matter that you park your wife and daughters right next to or even in a whorehouse; you know your way around Heilbronn.

special fund

Olaf Scholz announced yesterday that it would make an additional 100 billion euros available to the Bundeswehr via a special fund. That sounds good to the average citizen at first, but ultimately only serves to distract from decades of political failure. However, his promise to also comply with future contracts and therefore the 2% rule for the defense budget gives me a little hope!

But if you know what a modernization of the Bundeswehr alone would cost, and we're not even talking about a necessary enlargement, that's unfortunately just a drop in the bucket.

The really bad thing about it, however, is that even very little of these 100 billion euros will actually reach the Bundeswehr — at best, a few politicians will fulfill a few prestige projects related to the Bundeswehr. But it will be more likely that countless politicians, including some mayors, are already arguing about the 100 billion and are at loggerheads. They were soon joined by numerous consulting firms and industrial groups.

And then what has always happened in recent decades happens: mayors get a new infrastructure for their communities, districts are upgraded, new posts are created in civil servants and employees, completely new multisex and gender-fair ideas are conceived, consulting contracts are concluded for everything imaginable and created new institutes.

Then industry strikes, and the Bundeswehr has to procure weapons, equipment and military material that serious armed forces do not need, but which supposedly creates jobs, but rather makes a few company owners or their shareholders very rich.

And should a journalist find out again that the tanks and vehicles do not fit into the new planes, helicopters or other means of transport, that the military infrastructure and technology are not NATO-compatible, that the soldiers' uniforms and shoes are falling off their bodies, that the weapons are not firing , let alone have an effect on the enemy ... one could continue the list for pages, then all citizens would be appalled at the incompetent military.

100 billion sounds good, now we should be curious to see what the Bundeswehr actually gets for it. The Bundeswehr would urgently need a great deal.

Frigates and destroyers cost a good 1 billion euros each — net, of course — without personnel, maintenance, etc. -> You should already have 10 of them.

Combat aircraft cost a good 80 million euros net per unit - without really anything, which easily doubles the costs again. –> 200 pieces are really not asking too much.

A tank costs a good 7 million net -> we once had a few thousand of them and shouldn't stay below that right now (you can see again how quickly these are "used up").

And that would only be the cheaper purchase plans. That's why I've always called for all procurement to be carried out within the framework of NATO. Unfortunately, however, our tax money or our ability to do military service play no role whatsoever in German politics!

The finance minister Christian Lindner said today in the Bundestag that one does not want to point one's fingers at the guilty party - frankly, one crow does not peck out the eye of the other!

But let's just take this positively and hope that our politicians will reflect in the face of the current threat and put the well-being of our country and its people before their own personal interests!

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