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A fine thing in Heilbronn during the summer too. Probably due to COVID-19, the minimum hygiene requirements had also been enforced in the Heilbronn baths, and when the weather was a little bad, you could also do your laps excellently.

Now that only the fun pools are open, it's getting tight for me because I can't go for an early swim for health reasons. So now I'm patiently waiting for the chance to do one or two strokes in the sports pool. If that's the case, I have to be careful not to catch a cloud of perfume when I take my first breath, because then it really becomes life-threatening.

So I'll make a constructive suggestion right away, because I'm certainly not the only swimmer who would like to exert himself in the sports pool and do something like swimming training.

In Neckarsulm there is a large water park that was built especially for this purpose and has always struggled with its financing. So a joint concerted action of both cities would be possible. The bath in Neckarsulm is supplemented with a wine and beer bar and a smoking pool and free public transport connections from Heilbronn are provided - if you can show an admission ticket, you can also use it to go to the fun pool and back again.

The Soleo is reserved for swimmers who would like to do sports while swimming.


Is it just me, or has this term actually changed for the worse. In my opinion, no matter who is still leading the cause, he only stands for the reason to redistribute even more tax money or to use it only for his own purposes.

Whether it's Diakonie or Caritas, whether a party or an aid organization, huge organizations have emerged, all of which need and consume enormous sums of tax money for their own operation. Donations, contributions or personal contributions by members are no longer sufficient.

That is why we taxpayers have to dig deeper into our pockets year after year in order to be able to keep this “social system” — mind you, in addition to the “welfare state”, which also costs enormous sums of money – alive. And hardly anyone is surprised that the actual purpose and meaning of these private organizations is being fulfilled less and less, because then there would be fear that we would all have to raise even more money.

So it is hardly surprising that one "aid organization" after the other is now demanding more taxpayers' money in order to be able to "modernize" their own operations - the current buzzword for additional spending.

Unfortunately, no organization talks about limiting its own structures to what is really necessary. Or even start to thin out the enormous superstructure of personnel.

And ideas on how to be more targeted and effective in “helping” have not been discussed for a long time, let alone communicated to the outside world. This gives the impression that self-help is now the actual purpose of social associations, parties and organizations.

The Land

As sudden and surprising as it all came about, one could well assume that some cousin was in dire need of money — over 20 million euros of tax money to be a little more precise.

It would be a good idea - in times of particularly tight budgets and falling tax revenues - to be a little more careful with our taxpayers' money.

But on the contrary, not only that there are more ministries and administrative employees in our country, many of whom don't even know what to do all day long. Rather, our state government is working with great vehemence and has also brought the SPD on board to ensure that the Länddäyle (formerly known as the state parliament) of the Länd will become larger and more expensive than the Chinese People's Congress before the German Bundestag.

Finally, to take the idea of ​​the Länd a little further, I propose that our Prime Minister be promoted worldwide as “the Däpp” from now on. We will certainly be able to afford the millions of euros in tax money that this requires.

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