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Today I had the privilege of attending a meeting where volunteer helpers from children with initial difficulties exchanged ideas. One result of this has been that it is almost always the parent or parent who is causing the actual problems.

The question was how these parents could be persuaded to give their offspring at least a little help so that they can later lead an independent and successful life.

My thesis was that our current "social system" creates these grievances instead of remedying them. It is interesting that there were no contradictions on the working level. But these will certainly come from those who make a good living from this social system themselves.

Ass antlers or ass-free boy pants passed me by without a trace, as did tattoos, drugs, reality TV shows or even celebrity talks.


You don't have to participate in everything, or even find it beautiful. Up until now, I didn't give a damn if fellow citizens violated our language or processed it in a way that was appropriate for infirmity - everyone the way they would like it.

In the meantime, I've even gotten used to the fact that every idiot, no matter what medium, a party, larger companies or administrations, automatically calls every other fellow human being on first-name terms.

But what is now being launched under the keyword "gender-fair language" is neither understandable nor sustainable in an open society!

Language bans imposed by a loud minority (!). The fact that one is no longer allowed to say or write Negro or Mohr could be understood — if one addresses a fellow human being directly — but not the consequences drawn from this, such as bans on books, writing and naming!

The fact that other terms and names are being driven out of our language and, for example, Belarus is officially made Belarus, no longer going to Paris or Rome, but only to "Pari(s)" or Roma, is slowly becoming more than silly. Especially when these lingual knaves insist that Aachen should be called Aix-la-Chapelle, and that we in good old Germany should no longer live in Germany. These completely new language regulations would not even make sense if places and names were generally used in the language of their supposed country of origin.

But you could continue to sit it out, continue to smile and read Struwwelpeter secretly. Would it be possible if a dangerous minority didn't slowly but surely bring our media into line, thereby already humiliating public service broadcasting and its viewers to such an extent that even the Bild newspaper thinks it has a good chance of having its own station.

How long will it be before this weblog without a "*" or ":" is no longer allowed to go "online"? What other prohibitions are already waiting for us? Are you perhaps already a criminal because you still own the Struwwelpeter, or even read it to your own children?

It looks entirely as if a few minorities, who for decades knew nothing of their own except for empty promises, have now found their very own destiny: "genders", "quotas", bans on speaking and thinking until our open society is pure waste is. What comes after that, you don't even want to imagine.


Let's compare two young women, both from the here and now. Once Morgan Vague, who discovered bacteria that can digest plastic during her studies and probably has a career as a scientist ahead of her. And a certain second Greta Thunberg, who likes to present herself in the media worldwide.

Who do you think became the Times magazine's "Person of the Year" (2019)?

I think this is a good example of what's going really, really wrong with us. When we have the choice between a high performer and a bully, it's not even a very difficult one for us.

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