While walking, I looked around the station area, the parking garage for bicycles fits in well with the station forecourt, and the Blitz, a pedestrian bridge, will certainly further enhance the area.

If it were up to me, the new Kranenstrasse would be built as soon as possible and I would also think about putting an intercity hotel and a big city bus station with 24-hour service and appropriate catering between the train station and Experimenta.


After all these long months without any major gatherings, it was a very nice thing that the seven of us could gather around my grill yesterday afternoon. Even better, I didn't get any negative comments about my cooking skills. From July, if it will still be allowed, we will try to set up a slightly larger barbecue afternoon and also offer a public reading. The really exciting thing will be whether we can pick up on the pre-COVID-19 era and welcome many old acquaintances and friends.

regional elections

Again, after 20 June 2021, French voters show that they have lost confidence in current politics. In France, only a minority now votes. The only positive thing is that many right-wing voters stayed away from the ballot box.

Since we are more alike in Europe than many of us want to admit, this is a bad omen for us too. I suspect that if we get another GroKo in the upcoming federal elections, it won't be long before only a minority will vote here too. What that means for our democracies probably doesn't need to be explained to anyone.

I am happy to repeat again that this is not the fault of the citizens or even the voters, but solely of our parties and their professional politicians.

site of the day

Esenler bus station

The Istanbul intercity bus station is worth a visit and could also be a suggestion for an, admittedly, slightly smaller bus station in Heilbronn.

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