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No matter what happens here, the parliaments and ministries are getting fatter — not only in Berlin, but especially here in Baden-Württemberg. And if you think that's only a problem from the state level, you just have to walk through downtown Heilbronn. There are now city and county office buildings on every corner, and we can expect many more to come.

I'm curious to see when it will be generally noticed and we can read in the voice of Heilbronn that in addition to the well-known kebab shops in Heilbronn it is only the official castles that dominate the cityscape.

One might think that the parties would like to counteract their dwindling membership by guaranteeing every party member who does not become a member of parliament at least a job in an authority or administration. And the respective governing parties will probably get the assurance that they can also provide for all family members of their supporters.

But everything also has its good sides, because soon we will no longer find bums in our cities.


The way things are now emerging, in 1933 a few German family clans—they are better known as big industrialists—not only Adolf Hitler helped to power, but now also helped to ensure that Vladimir Putin gotten so big.

And it's paying off again for our German oligarchs. Not only that we Germans will have to pay for Russian gas well into the 2030s, whether it is delivered or not, and thus continue to stabilize the Putin regime, with the profits, no matter what happens, going to our big industry Incredible will rise.

But that's not all, soon our German oligarchs will also be earning stupid and stupid money from weapons, without the Bundeswehr itself getting anything from it. That will be much more expensive for us later on, and it will again be guaranteed that our oligarchs will have a monopoly on that too.

And if you think that's all - far from it! Even with the shortage of food and all other goods, our family clans will earn much stupider and stupider. After the Ukraine war, they will surely all be at the top of the world rankings — just in case anyone is wondering who the war profiteers actually are.

And if Europe and Germany also perish in the process, that doesn't matter to the German clans, as they did in 1945, they will still make money from it themselves.

The only thing that can surprise me here is how they manage to get all German citizens to place joint blame on the Bundeswehr. This is probably the reason why big industry in Germany still holds governments — their professional politicians are paid to ensure this.

As a side note, that might also explain why Germany is still such a safe haven for Russian oligarchs and their fortunes — one crow doesn't peck out the other's eye.

cannon fodder

At the moment we can once again see how people are literally being used as cannon fodder. I hope, however, that many of my fellow citizens will now understand that this is entirely the responsibility of the respective politicians.

And even here, professional politicians — especially the shirkers and deserters among them — continue to rant about the fact that every citizen can be a soldier, even without the appropriate training, equipment and armament; not to mention ammunition and training.

Our politicians not only throw around taxpayers' money without rhyme or reason, but also, when it is opportune, also with weapons and equipment - yesterday it was made public quite spontaneously. So it will probably happen very quickly that they will also burn our own soldiers en masse — if only they can put themselves in the limelight, because then all inhibitions will fall very quickly; and as soon as the first professional politician licks blood, we all have "war presidents", "war chancellors", "war vice chancellors", "war ministers" etc. pp.

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