Post photo: City Hall Heilbronn | © Shutterstock


Post photo: City Hall Heilbronn | © Shutterstock

practice dance

At the end of an eventful day, I was allowed to accompany my better half to practice dancing. So it's a good thing that the Brenner dance school is just around the corner.

And while I'm at it, I'll take the opportunity to advertise a crash course in dancing that will take place four times on Sundays. And if you like it or would like to take part in a ball again, you can register immediately for the Europe Ball on Saturday, July 23, 2022.


It was that time again and we were allowed to help one of our sons move, this time from Konstanz to Heilbronn. While it wasn't one of the usual family moves that have defined our family life for decades, it was enough yesterday to get a little nostalgic.

And so we were able to organize a spontaneous moving party in the evening. All the boys had to do was leave a few moving boxes in the living room, get a few beers from the basement and order two large pizzas from my favorite pizzeria.


Yesterday it was time, and I had to in terms of meeting point Europe pull the ripcord. To my surprise, even more partner clubs came to the last event than expected. We all agreed that the meeting point Europe was a very nice Heilbronn festival for all citizens of the city and their guests for more than 30 years.

But weakened by the situation around COVID-19 and twice let down by the Heilbronn municipal council, we could no longer resist the hostilities of the mayor and his administration. Even if it is now being rumored that the mayor and the municipal council are absolutely behind this festival. As a citizen of Heilbronn, you can't help but be amazed these days.

In any case, the EUROPA-UNION has now cleared the way for the professionals of the city administration so that they can now organize a much better celebration of international understanding in Heilbronn. And since the Mayor and his municipal council, according to his own words, are 100% behind such a festival, it shouldn't be difficult this time to make some money for it.

The Heilbronn clubs with a migration background are now building on the fact that the city of Heilbronn will organize the new professional festival that has been promised for years - there will certainly be no shortage of city staff for this.

So we at the EUROPA-UNION have really done everything possible to be able to continue to make an event possible for our partner associations. The EUROPA-UNION and our Europe are now on the outside, now it is only about the citizens of Heilbronn with a history of immigration and all Heilbronners who have no fear of contact or racist prejudices (that is certainly far more than 50% of the total population).

Now it will be seen whether the mayor and his municipal council will support the majority of Heilbronners or only and continue to support the true, genuine and concerned Heilbronners with the right party membership.

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