Feature photo: City of Heilbronn cycle path network | © Gerd Hofmann


As we learned at the beginning of the week, our two ruling parties in the country are creating further incentives for potential members and immediately show that they really are serious about it. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut of the CDU advertises very impressively that as a CDU member you don't have to pay any or very little real estate tax and their members will also be immune to future increases - at least as long as the CDU is in government.

And Cem Ozdemir threatens young people in particular to hang their breadbasket even higher, while at the same time his federal chairwoman shows full screen that members of the Greens can continue to eat until they burst. In this way, the Greens no longer have to worry about an influx of hungry children.

cycle path network

Gerd Hofmann remembered a conversation I had about cycling in Heilbronn and sent me the above photo yesterday. His recording of the cycle path network comes from the Neckar cycle path, where such specimens are probably hanging several times.

I see it more as a plan, as those responsible for the city of Heilbronn imagine. In any case, I won't let myself get carried away and will follow the paths marked there by bike. Because otherwise I would run the risk of suddenly crashing my bike on some house wall when following behind - such a spot already exists Detlef Stern named. And even my better half is always amazed at how bike paths just end up in nirvana.

Yesterday I noticed again the many cyclists jostling on the footpaths and forcing me to dodge onto the street. One such life-threatening spot is the Karl-Nägele Bridge, where you have to be extra careful not to get hit by a truck if you jump out of the way of cyclists.

Then I still felt a little sorry for our cyclists when I looked at the new bicycle street, formerly Titotstrasse, where cyclists were trying to make their way through the many cars. But only for a short time, because then I, as a pedestrian, could choose who I wanted to be run over by.

In any case, I asked again when going to the horse market realized that the main difference between us Heilbronners and the rest of the rural population is that the latter shun holy water like the devil and prefer to drive through the city center until either the tank is empty or they starve to death.

winter semester

As already written here, has me Detlef Stern not only to reading godparents motivated, but even managed a few years later that I had to prove something to myself again. And now it's clear, I can still do it, at least I was able to motivate a few students to pass an exam with an 80% pass rate, which surprised me positively after the first lectures.

If you would like to find out more about this semester, you are welcome to Retrospective winter semester 2022/3 developed by Detlef Stern read. Mir has the care of Detlef Stern liked, especially the coffee after the lectures. And he's right that you can't really do anything unless you've taught it yourself, and I'd add, successfully.

However, I have to admit that compared to Detlef Stern was at an advantage, because "my" students already knew the subject - at least according to the documents available at the university - and many of them - unfortunately not all - had also recognized that this was probably their last (but one) chance.

A small disadvantage for me, however, was that the "high-flyers" were already at Detlef Stern were successful. In any case, the semester was a bit of a challenge for me too, and I was also very surprised at how "tame" the students were. I also once again learned something new myself, especially in the discussions accompanying the lectures and the necessary immersion in current literature.

But now I'm curious to see whether I can keep my result in the coming semester, because otherwise someone else will say that it wouldn't even be possible. At the end I had also secretly hoped that more than 80% of the participants would pass the exam, so I still have to make some adjustments in the summer semester. In addition, I have decided to teach "my" new and also a few old students something about "agility" in project management and the collaboration of Thomas Michl gesichert.

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