I could do that before Christmas Some Books sell it myself, which, admittedly, made me very happy. What made me less happy was the buyers' inquiries as to whether the books would arrive before Christmas after all, and then the return of my books - four of them, to be precise - with the comment that the addresses were not available have found.

So I'll probably start another attempt in the new year, in the hope that the employees of Deutsche Post will be a bit more capable of reading and understanding after the holidays than at the peak times, which came as a complete surprise.

On the positive side, at least books didn't just disappear into post-nirvana — like our calendars, for example. That's why I don't want to speculate now about how many of our Christmas letters or postcards will not reach their recipients this year - a delivery at Easter or in the coming century certainly has its charm.


After the Christmas days with the game Settlers of Catan were over far too quickly, we simply added another day to it today.

You can still best spend the obligatory family celebrations with games of all kinds and that's how it was again 6takes! played. And for all those in the family who couldn't or didn't want to sleep, we binned Christmas films until we could drop them. Until recently, I didn't know myself what that was; the correct way of saying it is probably to “binge-watch”.

In any case, I've found that some films are only really bearable if you're tired and watch them in series - and then you look forward to the next game round.

Living space

The topic "affordable housing' continues to babble and, as I claimed in the course of the last local council election campaign, will not have lost any of its importance in the next election campaign either - especially in a city that is so proud of an SPD mayor, it is quite obviously enough that one chooses this one and has thereby done one's duty.

The Heilbronner Voice is also dedicated to this topic today, and so we learn that there were 2020 subsidized apartments at the end of 1323, which, according to the press office of the city of Heilbronn, corresponds to a share of 4,5 percent of all rental apartments. Unfortunately, we don't find out how many apartments are ours alone City settlement Heilbronn — those that are almost predestined to provide affordable housing — has on offer. According to their website, there are a good 4 apartments in total.

Unfortunately, what we didn't find out either is that without the landlords, who are so often denigrated, most of the affordable apartments in Heilbronn would not exist at all!

At least in Heilbronn, it is not the case that social institutions or municipal limited companies provide enough affordable housing, nor those landlords who receive extra tax money for it, but rather the normal landlords who constantly strive to offer their fellow citizens good and also to be able to offer affordable housing.

And it is precisely these Heilbronn landlords who are being made as difficult as possible by the city administration and the so-called “social institutions”.

Somehow it's understandable that these "social" fellow human beings claim the social monopoly for themselves, because that's how they secure their own existence. But it would be much better for everyone in Heilbronn if they would do something about it.

According to the city administration, there should be up to 2 "subsidized" apartments in construction phase 100 of the Neckar bend; Those who can then afford it or get a chance there are in a different position.

So I repeat two of my demands. Firstly, all subsidized apartments should be made transparent for everyone and secondly, it should also be checked at the same time whether the tenants in question are dependent on them at all or are still dependent on them.

It would be even better if the municipal council and city administration finally recognized that it is primarily the citizens of Heilbronn themselves who are effectively taking on this matter. Then the municipal council could also consider how to support such citizens, and the city administration could consider how to put fewer obstacles in the way of these landlords, or even how to get them in their plan to offer good living space to all people in Heilbronn , supports.

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Johannes Kepler

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