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Today I already fulfilled my target at lunchtime and cast my two votes (as of 12.00:22 p.m.: hardly XNUMX% turnout in “my” polling station). Afterwards, I'll go dancing with my better half before we both eagerly await the results of the election.

I'll write more posts tomorrow. Since many people get excited about it, and this is mostly the only remaining excitement in our time, it has something healthy again.

So at the end of this blog (at the bottom of this web page) I have taken the liberty of listing three ways you can very easily say thank you for getting the cycle going again.

Of course you can also make use of it if you just like my weblog.


It looks beautiful, the new Heilbronn Radhaus at the main train station. It goes without saying that it is completely out of date, written in small letters in order to promise visitors modernity right from the start. True to the well-known motto: "We can do everything except German." — at least they haven't "gendered" the name yet.

The first bicycles have already been stowed away; I assume these are test bikes. And the official inauguration will coincidentally coincide with the start of the Heilbronn mayoral election. After that it continues with the "Blitz" and we can constantly see the new old candidate with pretty little pictures in the newspaper.

I wouldn't be surprised if, at the end, a kitten was saved from drowning, which was very well received by the press. Because you have to leave that to "our professionals" in Heilbronn, they know how to talk to us Heilbronn residents!


I have already mentioned that I have the ones set up in Heilbronn public bookcases consider particularly successful.

Unfortunately, however, these are repeatedly abused by a right-wing extremist party that is a direct successor to the NSDAP, by spreading their trashy and hate literature there.

Since yesterday I have to say that the Greens are also abusing the public bookcases and cluttering them with their own election propaganda.

If the left were to join in, then one of my well-established patterns of interpretation would once again be fulfilled.

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