Post photo: Grill | © Pixabay

south town festival

Since I live right around the corner myself and meseno is also represented with its own stand, I didn't let it take me and stopped by there. The idea of ​​the organizers to move the festival to the Edeka car park is very good - a really well-rounded thing.

Unfortunately, however, one usually does not consider the stupidity of some people who now insisted on driving their own car directly in front of one or the other stand. Fortunately, the festival is so well attended that these people had to be content with a parking space at the edge of the same. I would really be interested in what goes on in the minds of such people—not much I suspect.

In any case, I can recommend everyone to visit the Südstadtfest and especially the meseno stand! Two lovely ladies look after it, and this time meseno offers real bargains. I bet that bargain hunters will get their money's worth today and everyone else can also browse through the offers of the other clubs and institutions in the best weather.

dance day

Today my better half and I have our usual afternoon of dancing, which, however, is now being supplemented by a crash course in dancing in preparation for the Europa Ball — for a whole four weeks.

I'm curious how the participants will react to the course and whether this will be the beginning of a regular project? In the event that the people of Heilbronn accept the Europa Ball again after all these decades of abstinence, it could well be that the EUROPA-UNION will include regular dance courses in its annual program.

That sounds a bit unusual for a political association at first, but if you are open to holistic solutions, you can definitely see that politics is somewhat more complex at the local level than in the "higher spheres", where you usually only focus on viewing restricted.

BBQ evening

At first I thought, ok, there are a few fewer than usual, and then one of the most exciting discussion evenings developed in a very pleasant atmosphere - until late into the night.

This year's Europa-Grillen was more than a complete success. The topics alone made people sit up and take notice, starting with skiing, town twinning, dog ownership, Heilbronn internals, COVID-19 consequences for people and the economy, our club life and the current situation in the Ukraine war.

The special thing about it was that you could discuss all topics incredibly openly and stress-free, even with sometimes completely controversial opinions. What a wonderful experience of discussion culture!

Unfortunately, as the person responsible, I had to end the evening after all, otherwise we would probably still be sitting together. My thanks go to everyone involved and now I also hope that one of yesterday's discussion partners will soon present his very interesting views on my weblog.