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Toilet Crisis

Today reading the Heilbronner Voice gave me a lot of pleasure. Especially the contribution of Claas Käckenmeister (Heilbronner Voice, August 25.08.2022, 24: XNUMX) “Where to go if you have to urgently?” I really liked. Especially because the Silcherplatz is also a topic.

"Ultimately, it's just a question of money. Maybe this is also the reason why the toilet house at Silcherplatz has been closed for decades, although a public toilet would be good here, at least since the renovation of the playground and the additional soccer field.”

Claas Käckenmeister, voice from Heilbronn (25.08.2022/24/XNUMX: XNUMX)

I can do one thing Claas Käckenmeister ensure that it is not a question of money, but solely of will and a question of the personal preferences of those responsible for it.

I also claim that the alternative idea — the outsourcing of municipal tasks — of the “nice toilets” has failed gloriously, at least in the last pandemic years (whereby those responsible once again only played dead) and basically only existing public ones through this measure Toilets supplemented, but by no means can be replaced.

But it's good that Claas Käckenmeister has taken up the topic and also shows that it is by no means "only" a problem in the core city, but a general problem in Heilbronn.

A small remedy could be created by opening at least the toilets in the numerous administration buildings in the city to all citizens and guests of the city and not securing them with numerical codes or blocking them completely from the public.

Europe Square

For years, citizens of Heilbronn and the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn have been demanding that the Europe Square can be recognized as such again. In the run-up to the BUGA, my father even made representations to the Mayor of Heilbronn about this, who even assured him at the time that this would already be the case by the BUGA.

When, even after the successful BUGA, there was no movement regarding the Europaplatz, the EUROPA-UNION tried to get support from the Heilbronn municipal council. Written inquiries went unanswered, so I sought out personal talks whenever the opportunity arose. I was happy when Thomas Aurich achieved that the CDU parliamentary group in May 2021 — completely unsuccessful, but at least — submitted a corresponding application to the municipal council.

I am now the chairman of the Free Voters' Association in Heilbronn, so it is only logical that the Free Voter on August 7, 2022 (Herbert Burkhardt and Eugene Gall) have made such a request. Even Joachim Friedl from the Heilbronnerstimme (Heilbronnerstimme, August 25.08.2022th, 24: XNUMX) titled a contribution to the free voters today “Europaplatz should live up to its name”.

And since I'm from Michael George Link MdB knows that the FDP parliamentary group is also in favor of upgrading Europaplatz if the pro-Europe city councilors (CDU, FDP and Freie Wahler) could at least advertise to their colleagues for permanent European flags to be displayed on Europaplatz. I will write an e-mail to the named city councilors today with the request that they promote the application of the CDU and the FWV across factions.

I really can't imagine that the Greens or the SPD city councilors could have anything against it, and even the other parliamentary groups or splinter groups could easily agree to this motion.

And so we come back to the beginning of this article, the mayor, who does not want to have a Europaplatz in Heilbronn, just as he does not tolerate European flags in Heilbronn, not to mention the usual Europe-wide signage of objects that are co-financed by the EU. From the one abolished by him Meeting point Europe I don't even talk anymore.

I don't know what drives the Heilbronner OB, but let's put that into the world again and again Dieter schwarz Not wanting this and that is deeply pathetic behavior — and I'm almost convinced that it is Dieter schwarz itself has no objections to our Europe.

Addendum (25.8.2022, 10.00 a.m.):

Thomas Randecker has just informed me that "due to the "Bildungscampus 2021" project, which was already known to the administration at the time [May 3] ... an upgrade / redesign of the square is currently being rejected by the administration."

  • re: … not to mention the standard Europe-wide signage for objects that are co-financed by the EU.

    Dear Henry,
    this is a good indication that “Europe” needs to be made more visible, especially with regard to the next elections to the EU Parliament, which will take place in just 20 months of 2024.

    However, the visualization should not only be usual!
    Rather, all recipients of EU funds are obliged to refer to the EU funding and to ensure its visibility.
    The EU emblem must be placed correctly and prominently.
    As the main visual identifier, the EU emblem serves to indicate the origin of EU funding and to ensure its visibility.


    with friendly European greetings

    peter schulze
    European Union Mannheim

    • Thanks for the tip Peter! As far as Europe is concerned, you not only have thoroughbred Europeans sitting at the top of the city in Mannheim, who support their city with heart and mind and don't just want to make a good living from it.