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summer zones

Instead of finally integrating the Zehntgasse, the Lothorstrasse or even the Turmstrasse into the Heilbronn pedestrian zone and realizing an overall urban concept together with the Neckar mile, half-hearted summer zones will again be set up this year.

These are supposed to convince the citizens of the usefulness and value of a contemporary inner city, but only give die-hard city councilors the opportunity to propagate their old-fashioned, small-town ideas. This will probably go on until no one has any more money for a necessary renovation of the city center or, and I very much hope so, that the following generations will no longer understand such games.


There are quite a few interesting films in cinemas these days. It is remarkable that these are mostly sequels or even remakes.

And so I treated myself to the first film today. The cinema is small, but nice and there, too, very comfortable armchairs, which are more reminiscent of today's massage chairs than of the cinema seating of the past decades. And when it comes to heated seats, then you really can't complain anymore.

Ah yes, the movie. There I met again Don Johnson. I liked watching him in Miami Vice in the 1980s and the last of his films that I liked at least then was in 1991. But he might not have been the oldest actor in the cast. After a film like this you definitely feel a lot younger again.

Towel day

At the beginning of my day, a request came from Detlef Sternwhether I would also have my towel with me. Shortly thereafter I even found the towel from last year and this accompanied me throughout the day.

And also Detlef Stern was already out with a towel, due to the time difference a lot earlier than me.

And so I wonder if there are only two people who are now have been out and about with a towel at least once a year since 2001?

“So far, what has happened is this: In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and was widely seen as a step in the wrong direction.”

Douglas Adams, The restaurant at the end of the universe (2017: 1)
    • I cannot provide any information on what the towels looked like in 1906. But I suspect very strongly that these were already of great use at that time. And this long before the Vogons destroyed the earth in 1978.

  • I'm horrified to discover that I've missed Towel Day again, which should now be prevented in the future by an entry in the electronic diary. Is it a coincidence that it coincides with Geek Pride Day? In any case, a reason to get the five-part Hitchhiker trilogy out of the bookcase once more.
    Speaking of the fifth part - the continuation of another trilogy makes us excited about the ongoing hunt for more aged cinema heroes.

    • The "five part trilogy" thing is good. By the way, Detlef Stern discovered the radio play from 1978 at a dealer. Unfortunately, I have disposed of my self-recorded cassettes a long time ago.