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certificate of inadequacy

Today I would like the statement of Christian Moss add nothing else. Anyone who knows him knows what such a tweet from him means. Our federal governments, old as well as new, can only be issued certificates of inadequacy.

set signs

We Heilbronners could set an example if we only wanted to and, among other things, immediately terminate the recent town twinning. Anyone who still claims that this town twinning, with a town in a terrorist state, and the celebrations with their hardly democratically minded representatives - who are known to be in prisons and concentration camps - is a people-uniting, really has a very crude understanding of democracy; because in doing so we are ultimately only strengthening a terror regime and making ourselves jointly responsible for its actions.


In light of the Russian genocide, we urgently need to think about the consequences for our own society. In Heilbronn, too, there are now far too many fellow citizens who yearn for their own terrorist state and, if necessary, could live with a Russian occupation of Heilbronn.

If we want to survive as a democratic society, then we must finally become defensive and not only face uncomfortable facts, but also support highly uncomfortable measures. What happens to societies that cannot (or do not want to) do this is something we can see quite clearly in Ukraine.

In any case, what is no longer possible is that there are German citizens who, just in case, have another citizenship, and quite explicitly that of a totalitarian state. It should be clear to everyone that the idea and the sense and purpose of citizenship alone cannot do this.

That is why we must - and this is solely due to self-defense - withdraw German citizenship as quickly as possible from all citizens who have a totalitarian citizenship and who oppose our democracy and way of life on record. We also need to think about what happens to fellow citizens who apparently acquired their citizenship under false pretenses. These fellow citizens have one thing in common, they are a very serious threat to our country.

I do not hope that we will soon see the example of the Baltic States ourselves, with the Russian citizens Vladimir Putin call for help because they are "oppressed" by their democratic and European-minded fellow citizens.

It will not be possible for us to defend our own country if far too many of our own neighbors do not consider this country to be worth defending at all and have been waiting very comfortably and well secured for years for "their liberation" by the Russian system of oppression.

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