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If, like me, you have a lot to do American If you are related, it is inevitable that you will also be confronted with this version of our harvest festival. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November

And so, over the decades, I've eaten one or two turkeys, although I like these cute little animals better alive. And so I will probably continue to have to wait in vain for an annual onion roast festival.

In any case, I always like to think back to the Thanksgiving dinners that we were able to experience with family, friends or comrades. And just today, as it is the twentieth anniversary, of a similar meal in Poland, where the host served up a mighty turkey and praised his wife as an excellent cook. Both my boys wide-eyed at the sight of this massive chicken, and we all widened when the host cut the turkey to reveal a plastic bag containing all the innards.

Military families are used to a lot, so we “let the turkey swim” and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day that is fondly remembered to this day and likely will continue to be.


Some still remember it, like the Green group leader Suzanne Bay in the Heilbronn municipal council and in the Heilbronn voice "raged" when the free voters became stronger through the transfer of an AfD city council and as a result the Greens had one supervisory board seat less. It was briefly and strikingly shown to all citizens what the municipal council is actually about.

Now that the administrative court in Stuttgart has sentenced the Heilbronn municipal council to initiate proceedings for the replacement of decision-making and advisory committees and municipal supervisory boards in a similar matter, this ugly situation - Heilbronner benefice - is becoming public again.

Joachim Friedl writes today very aptly in the Heilbronner voice (25.11.2021: 28) "the attitude of the municipal council is rather an example of how political bodies cling to their sinecure - knowing that they are not acting politically correctly."

Worse still, our very well-funded councilors — long gone are the days when this was a volunteer position — continue to rely on the expertise of the city government for all matters, which, as we have to see again, have little or no expertise themselves still has reliable expertise.

Worst of all, however, is that this Heilbronn situation of "lived dilettantism" is grist to the mill of the self-confessed opponents of democracy and, moreover, once again remains without any consequences for those responsible - every democracy dies from within!

coalition Agreement

The one released yesterday coalition Agreement makes you sit up and take notice and at least makes me feel a little more positive. Point VII deals with Europe on 28 pages out of a total of 177 pages and culminates in the wish that "The conference [on the future of Europe] should lead to a constituent convention and lead to the further development of a federal European state, which is also organized in a decentralized manner according to the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality and is based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights."  Even more important today is that after a motley smorgasbord of European ideals, the following remains enshrined in the treaty — and this was still very controversial during the election campaign: “In all these steps, interoperability and complementarity with command structures and capabilities of the remain secured by NATO.”

This is particularly important when you consider that France is once again expressing different ideas about a common Europe and using the catchphrase "Open strategic autonomy“ In the case of the other member states, it tends to court a European nation state with superpower airs.

In the next few days I will take a closer look at the coalition agreement entitled “DARE MORE PROGRESS – ALLIANCE FOR FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND SUSTAINABILITY”.

All in all, it remains to be hoped that the good ideas will be implemented to some extent and that the less good ideas will quickly be forgotten.

If you would like to get an overview of the contract for yourself, you are welcome to view or download it here:

birthdays of the day

Andrew Carnegie and Carl Benz

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