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peace & order

This has been a topic here on my weblog for a long time and so I am pleased that other fellow citizens in Heilbronn are now also shed some light on it. Unfortunately, under the wrong sign.

The "safety promise" that is so popular with us and meaningless has now become a very big security lie! If you want to start doing realpolitik, then you should also set realistic goals. “Security” and “eternal life” are not among them.

What would be possible is to finally ensure that there is more again in Heilbronn peace & order comes in, and there is also an office for this, which admittedly is completely overwhelmed with this task, or it is not allowed to comply with this by order of the top management or the municipal council. What is certain, however, is that restructuring alone does not solve any problems, at most creates new posts, which then also become part of the problem.

If there is peace and order in a city - that includes cleanliness! — comes in, then a kind of sense of security sets in among many citizens, which is very beneficial to the attitude towards life and the quality of life in a city.

But to speak of "internal" or even "external" security is complete nonsense and deception of the citizens (electoral noise)!

Apart from a possible feeling of security, there is no security: you can build up a defense capability and an alliance policy against external influences and thus live more calmly and "internally" by creating peace and order ensure that our police can work more effectively and thus also a kind of "deterrence" is guaranteed.

In the event that a citizen is harmed, the state can “compensate” them and “hold the perpetrator to account”, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that such incidents will not happen again — this would not even be possible in a police state.

But back to today's request from some of our fellow citizens: the image of pastors, crucifixes in hand, chasing Muslims down the steps of the Kilianskirche will probably accompany me throughout the day.


It's been a while since my better half and I were on our honeymoon. When we had been driving a rental car for hours on a perfectly straight stretch somewhere in the western United States and we were both barely able to keep to the prescribed 55 miles per hour, we were stopped by a highway patrol with flashing lights, sirens and everything around it, that came out of nowhere.

The young policewoman came to my side very excited and said something about a high-speed pursuit. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. My better half only told her that we were two Germans on a honeymoon.

By the time I'd recovered from laughing, the policewoman was gone — we didn't even get a ticket.

What makes me want to tell this story right now? Solely because Telekom has been advertising me with high-speed Internet for a few days.

Telekom is one of the few companies for which the Internet is completely new territory, as it is for our federal government. Telekom also assumes that high-speed Internet has been reached when the individual bits coming through the line can no longer be counted, i.e. from around 64 kbps.

So I always have to laugh at every corresponding Telekom advertisement and am always reminded of our honeymoon.

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