Featured photo: Ford Ka


When my two sons got their driving licenses, my better half bought a used Ka. This was our first time switching to the Ford brand. The new car was not received with great enthusiasm by everyone; both the eldest and the dog had their reservations. But over the years, the whole family got used to this car, and the dog realized that it made him a passenger, but in any case he no longer had to ride in the trunk.

When the boys left the house, the Ka became a dog car. And even when the dog was dead, no one wanted to part with the car. In the end, it became my favorite vehicle, which I could use to get around Heilbronn and the surrounding area in comfort.

Now even our workshop was no longer able to get this car through the MOT. But if you think that the Ka no longer runs, you are wrong. In future it will be on the road on a factory site near Heilbronn and will certainly give all its occupants great driving pleasure.


It has not only been scientifically proven for a long time that horoscopes are complete nonsense, but it is also probably common knowledge among many people. It is interesting to see how the "believers" argue. I mean, they interpret irrelevant statements in a way that fits into their personal worldview.

I seem to be observing a similar phenomenon in myself right now, when I get my daily dose of Stoicism. I immediately convert the statements made there into my own worldview to the best of my knowledge and belief. The trigger for this action is, as with horoscopes, the time aspect, which manifests itself in a routine.

And so people manage to use and use routines to steer their own worldviews in the direction that suits them, and this completely independently of any reality or validity.

Weekend Trip

This weekend also brought one or two surprises. Ultimately, it also led to me changing my repetition on Tuesday. When students send me e-mails that are empty — in the truest sense of the word — and ask me to comment on what they have not written, then I agree. Detlef Stern admit that quality management is not sufficient. And the student who only needs this one exam in the second semester to complete her degree has practically proven that she has no idea about project management. No matter, you just use exams as a lottery substitute and with a little luck you win.

In contrast to this, the conversation I had on Saturday with a business friend of mine. Project management and entrepreneurial responsibility were just part of the job - some people like to write this off as a deformation professionnelle. The highlight, however, was the homemade hollandaise sauce.

In between, I was busy finishing a project and I fear that the archiving will take longer than planned. This will in turn affect my schedule management in at least two other projects more than I feared. On Fridays, I was able to Detlef Stern drink a cup of coffee, which again led to two ideas that are now being worked on.

At the end of an eventful weekend, I was able to dance with my better half, which reminded me that I wanted to start promoting the upcoming European Ball today.

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