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Today I was allowed to take part in a very informative lecture event on "The Länd in the UK". Since November 2021, Baden-Württemberg has had its own state representation in the United Kingdom. Which has already led to Bayern following suit in January 2022 and establishing something similar in London.

The Baden-Württemberg representation is also based in London, but would like to increase the number of staff working across the UK from WeWork offices across the UK. In this way, these employees meet the needs of our national politics and administrations, whose travel activities will not only be limited to London, because at some point our elected representatives and officials will have had enough of the London sights and will begin to explore the other attractions of the United Kingdom.

And when all of Baden-Württemberg's politicians and administrative staff travel extensively through the United Kingdom from top to bottom, then "the Länd" will certainly also have become well known to our British neighbors.

To what extent our local companies and companies will benefit from this, I don't quite understand - but probably the tourism industry will become what machine and car production used to be.


At the end of 2014 my wife and I moved back from Ulm to Heilbronn and with us our internet connection. This was the easiest thing because our provider was reluctant to release us from the contract. However, it took until 2021 for this provider to be able to provide us with the 50 Mbit/s available in Ulm and also guaranteed for Heilbronn.

With these 2022 Mbit/s, which are now mostly available in 50, I’m still doing quite well with my circle of friends and I still have some of my friends’ computers “updated” because it’s simply faster. Nevertheless, as far as the internet is concerned, I still dream of our time in Poland, because the internet connection there was still a very nice thing by today's standards. And in Africa, too, the network coverage and speed was better years ago than, for example, just yesterday in Untergruppenbach or a few months ago in Horkheim, when I urgently needed available mobile Internet — I was driving through the village in Horkheim at the time , until I actually found a job where I could establish a reliable connection.

And so did me today Joachim Friedl from the Heilbronner Voice (24.03.2022: 26) very surprised with the following information.

“90,7 percent of households in the district of Heilbronn have a broadband coverage rate of at least 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s). This puts the district 1,7 percentage points above the state average of 89 Mbit/s in a statewide comparison. In Heilbronn, 85,6 percent of households have a coverage rate of at least 100 Mbit/s. This puts the city 3,4 percentage points below the national average in a national comparison.”

Voice of Heilbronn (24.03.2022: 26)

I'm starting to suspect that I actually live in a parallel universe and hopefully I'll be able to answer this question over a cup of coffee soon Detlef Stern can discuss in more detail.

Today is a good day! — Thanks to the legal obligation of providers to now also provide what has been paid for. For years, they were allowed to earn stupid and stupid with gag contracts and by cheating on customers.

reading godfather

Yesterday "my" children in the dam school really enjoyable because they all made good progress in reading. They had obviously practiced more during the last week and this bore audible fruit.

It's always a pleasure to see the progress of the elementary school students as they take their first steps in everyday school life. It is inevitable that from time to time you start to think about your own school days; I myself had lost my enthusiasm by the seventh grade at the latest. So I hope that "my" students can maintain their enthusiasm for school and especially for learning a little longer than I do.

This hope is strengthened by today's teachers, whose commitment can no longer be compared to that of the teachers in my school days. In the meantime, I have to agree with Oliver G. that he is absolutely right; without question, the quality of the teachers is far better than when I was at school. However, today's teachers have to contend with far greater challenges.

I'm not quite sure yet whether the biggest challenge for our teachers lies with the parents or with the school administration and the Ministry of Education. In Heilbronn there are also suboptimal school authorities. The children alone would easily have our teachers under control!

I think this is a good opportunity to thank the teachers for their dedication and commitment. In any case, “my” teacher does her job quite well, and I am sure that her students will remember her as fondly as I did my first class teacher, Ms. Pfeiler.

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Unfortunately, it is now the case here that companies only keep their promises and commitments to customers if they are forced to do so by the state with the threat of drastic penalties.

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