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No matter in which parliament or in which government, it always comes to light that our professional politicians simply don't get enough in their pockets. And for decades we have been in the fortunate position of not only remunerating all politicians above average, but also guaranteeing them a very comfortable life until their death. The times when politicians had to ensure that they could support themselves and only then did voluntary work for our country are long gone, if this was ever the case in the Federal Republic.

It is therefore incomprehensible that no matter which party you look at, there are always politicians at home there who not only can't and do nothing, but also spend most of their political activity accumulating as much personal wealth as possible - one thinks they are so almost in a banana republic. No business and no temptation seems too good for them to make a few more euros quickly.

But it gets pathetic when our politicians stand in line for every free beer or let themselves be invited by anyone or for whatever. Because as our representatives, they give outsiders the impression that we are all mere freeloaders!


As is well known, a blogger primarily writes for himself, perhaps this is the one that actually still exists difference from other authors, even to the countless micro-bloggers on Twitter and Co.

Blogging is also always a topic in conversations with Detlef Stern, who places his blog in this tradition even more clearly than I do. Nevertheless, it should be common to all bloggers that they are happy when others read their posts. If not, then it would probably be better to write a personal diary right away and, if this happens online, to block access for others, otherwise you would have to put up with the accusation of running a peep show.

In any case, I am happy about every reader and especially about the fact that there are also some who drop by here regularly. It would be even better if they also made use of the opportunity to subscribe to my blog posts by e-mail. This option is at the bottom of the home page of my weblog and is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address and then reply to a system e-mail. Of course, you can reject this free offer at any time with a single click.


Since my first re-election as district chairman of EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn in 2007, I have insisted that the district chairman be elected secretly. And again and again it turns out that some members take the opportunity to express their own dissatisfaction by voting against or abstaining. Since this honorary post is one that does not generate profits - in contrast to the posts e.g. B. in sports clubs, local councils or parliaments — everyone is actually happy that there is still someone who wants to do this work. That's why my joy is limited every time I'm re-elected with a very good result.

It looks a little different at the higher levels of voluntary work, because for reasons I don't understand, these are endowed with more prestige and also allow the incumbent to do nothing at all for the office, apart from using their new title in to decorate all media. But there are no expense allowances here either, and in the end everyone is happy that there are always enough people who like to adorn themselves with titles — no matter what kind.

And as soon as the chairman there ensures that nobody on the board has to do anything at all, this board cannot be big enough. Somehow you always find a place for every applicant. And so I was somewhat surprised recently that an FDP veteran insisted that the entire executive board be elected secretly — a seat was reserved for all candidates beforehand in a completely non-partisan way, but according to the party. And here, too, I have to acknowledge that it makes sense to vote secretly in this case, too, because the delegates would have had the opportunity to punish one or the other blow-out a little.

However, the situation is completely different in the case of honorary posts, which are at least associated with expense allowances, because as is well known, when it comes to money, then friendship ends. And so I am very pleased today that the Free Voters have decided to apply for secret ballots in all elections of local council bodies in the future. And now I'm curious to see how the mayor and the parties will react.

In addition, I remain firmly convinced that all honorary and elective positions that are even remotely related to monetary donations must be limited. And here it really makes sense that you can only be re-elected to office once. Not only does it ensure that there is always a breath of fresh air in the committees, but it also complicates the all-too-human mumbo-jumbo and much worse.

song of the day

Already in 1988 it had Rainhard Fendrich very original and comprehensible for everyone. And since those days, politicians haven't really done much to regain trust in politics and society. It's always the others who are corrupt, with us mostly the southerners.

Today we were able to learn that a very special party has meanwhile exchanged the tailor-made suits and football tickets for plane tickets to the Oscars.

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