interim report

For 17 months now, my debut work "Europe is for everyone!’ on the market, now also in English. Time to take stock.

Contrary to expectations, my book has established itself at quite a few universities as a good basis for getting started on the subject. I am very pleased about this. I'm also glad that andrew duff, former MEP and former President of the Union of European Federalists took note of the book and commented as follows:

"I enjoyed it. You have a vigorous style of writing which should impact on the reader. Perhaps you underestimate some of the political and legal obstacles in the path of a federal Europe - but your optimism is welcome."

Andrew Duff, 23.11.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX

However, I have not yet been able to reach my intended main reader group as I had hoped. This is probably also due to the fact that I can hardly promote the book. So I am all the happier that the first more active EUROPA-UNION district associations are discovering the book as a good gift for their members.

So it will probably take a little longer before I can win readers who are interested in Europe, and perhaps as a result of this they will also be able to win over us European federalists.


Even though I have been planning “my” upcoming events for the last few months in view of a pandemic and its probable development, I now have to check again and again whether any blind actions that have suddenly been announced are not thwarting all plans.

And since we are already in the process of planning events for the years 2022 and 2023, you now have to observe very closely what is possible with us in order to take this into account in your own planning in the future.

For millennia, the "fog of war" has been the most difficult thing to master. Our ancestors were very fortunate in that they were not yet familiar with the "fog of day-to-day politics" - but responsibility, expertise and performance were also called for.


Now those very people who have tried to just sit out a pandemic for months are overturning themselves again. Populism and blind activism are now back in fashion, all with the statement that the weal and woe of the citizens is important.

If the weal and woe of us citizens were a matter of the heart for those responsible, they would have been prepared for a pandemic and would have started to take appropriate measures at the beginning of the pandemic.

“At least people have reason to be pissed off at the political failures of the federal and state governments. ...

With full force, those responsible are alienating the two-thirds of the population who have carried them through the 18 months since the pandemic began."

Nicholas Blome, spiegel (22.11.2021/15.24/XNUMX, XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.)

The only thing that is certain in this situation is that our decision-makers will come out of the pandemic safe and sound and a little richer - but unfortunately not richer in experience!

What is really surprising, however, is the fact that the first prime ministers are already announcing that the virus (Kretschmer), the virologists (Söder) and above all those who have warned of the almost criminal inaction are solely to blame for the thousands of human lives bear costly tragedy.

birthday of the day

Paul Celan

His poem the "Death joint' is always good to read.