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For as long as I can remember I've been involved in clubs. That's just part of it, at least in my generation. And even if you reconsider one or the other membership towards the end of your life, you will probably not remain without a membership in a club.

And if you're already a member of a club, then it's always the case that you get a little more involved than you might have originally intended. For me, however, two things were always important: please no treasurer office and certainly not cash auditors. Probably due to my age, I was not spared in the end and so a few years ago I became a cash auditor in a club after all.

The result today was that I was allowed to rummage through receipts and accounts. And it's slowly becoming easier and easier for me — practice is part of everything.

And when I then - only in my thoughts - quarrel about why I got involved in it, the other side of my brain replies that I was spared a treasurer's office after all. So now that I'm digging through the available documents, I have to think about how much effort and effort the honorary treasurers in general and the one I have just "checked" in particular put into it.

We can't thank them enough for that! Even for a small club, it's quite a time-consuming task that needs to be done consistently. And then the cash auditors come and take a look at the whole thing to see if a posting hasn't been forgotten or if a receipt is missing.

I think you have to be born for such an honorary post and it doesn't surprise me that more and more clubs are lacking potential treasurers and some can no longer recruit any more among their members - in contrast to the presidential and chairperson positions.

So, my voluntary work as a cash auditor is done for this year. As expected, I had no complaints. Our treasurer has once again done a first-class job — as she has done in previous years.

city ​​gardener

As is well known, it is not the acquisition costs that make a difference, but rather the maintenance. This is also the case with our city green. In contrast to our city forest, which I would much rather see managed more sustainably instead of using every opportunity to earn money with trees, the parks, meadows and other greenery within the city are the focus of attention - especially because we Heilbronners love to leave our rubbish everywhere, except at home in our rubbish bins.

So we will continue to have to expect ever increasing costs for urban greenery, especially since climate change will have a drastic impact on our city in the coming years.

That's why you have to see where you can make savings. When reading the corresponding editions of the Heilbronner Voice, I immediately noticed 50 euros in tax money for public relations, which can easily be saved. Our city gardeners are doing a good job and that's publicity enough. Here the city administration should finally start not to constantly misappropriate tax money. Our meadows don't get greener if an advertising agency takes care of it.

We should finally make those who cause damage and contamination accountable. We must also drastically increase the costs for the polluters! And above all, we have to ask them to pay up and not always ignore how these bastards spoil our city.

Note on the edge:

I recently read that we have over 40 city trees (excluding the city forest). Now I'm reading about 000. I'd be interested to know who secretly planted 50 trees here and completely free of charge? Such citizens should be honored!

private schools

Here in Heilbronn too, private schools are springing up like mushrooms. This shows two things, namely, firstly, that it is wonderful, easy and future-proof to earn good money, and secondly, that we all - because we have always chosen those responsible with great enthusiasm - drove our originally very good school system to the wall to have.

And we can observe in other countries what all this leads to.

Those who have money, are in debt for education or are then supported for whatever reason can fall back on private schools and receive a corresponding school-leaving certificate — depending on the payment, less on intelligence or performance.

Those who don't care or don't belong to a very specific "class" that will develop in our society in the future have to fall back on the state schools, which then - because they are for the rabble - are falling apart more and more and hardly have sufficient and qualified teachers be able.

In the end, we taxpayers have to finance more schools than is absolutely necessary or necessary at all, and also see how our open and formerly equal opportunity society is being buried with our tax money.

Unfortunately, that's only part of the problem. Non-profit associations are now being founded with the purpose of generating income for their members, and so-called voluntary work is increasingly becoming a lucrative additional income, if not the main means of subsistence - let's just take a look at aid organizations, churches and political parties.

At least it would be that easy in our schools. We could public schools once again turn them into real educational palaces, which you can already see from the building, and our teaching staff — who are still willing to serve in the public school system — also give them the necessary reputation.

For this, however, all tax money must flow into the public school system and the cities and municipalities must also be obliged to provide modern and representative school buildings that make all fellow citizens aware of the importance of training and education.

Education is not a private matter - education is a civic duty! And so education is the most urgent task of our communities up to the level of the Federal Republic.

More education leads to less social spending on the one hand and higher tax revenue on the other. This makes education a win-win affair!

Except for those who "live by helping".

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