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I was beginning to think that the forum wouldn't work anymore, and then there are a few interesting entries. peter schulze has the topic there Fake News brought into play and provided the facts with a few very interesting hints.

Anyone can read most of the forum posts, but only comment if you have registered beforehand. Unfortunately, this can hardly be done any other way nowadays. But as soon as you are registered in the forums, you can get involved there at any time of the day or night.

Even though forum writing is long gone, I still think it's a very good way to discuss certain topics. The advantage of this is that the train of thought is not lost and you can come back to it later.


Instead of our state government using tax money to make distant cousins ​​rich through stupid advertising, the money could also be invested in a modern infrastructure.

The problem is that there are no cousins ​​there — at least not of current members of the government. And so today I drove from one dead spot to the next and found out in the Stuttgart area that the E network still exists. Ok, you can use it to make phone calls and also receive your e-mail, provided the e-mail sender does not send their e-mail in MB size. However, it will probably be a few decades before it is generally known that at least somewhat larger attachments are only sent as hyperlinks.

I'm currently considering whether I shouldn't buy a new mobile phone again, because the battery is slowly leaving a lot to be desired. And then I would also like to have a 5G-capable phone, because I am simply enthusiastic about modern technology. Today I found out that this home in Baden-Württemberg will not be of much use to me. And I don't think I come so often to other countries where this has been standard for a long time, so that this investment is halfway worth it.

But let's see the whole thing positively and be happy that no member of the government has a company for bush drums. Otherwise all fax machines would be replaced overnight by bush drums and there would be a separate Max Planck Institute for drumming.

If you now think that we don't have that here, I'll just reply: sunshine KG or copper cable; Incidentally, this is the reason why we are still not fully equipped with fiber optic cables.

But most of us are now doubting whether the whole thing is really that clever. Just not the Cleverles, like e.g. B. Mark Hauptman, because according to recent court decisions they are allowed to keep the profits from their "ripoffs" — and since the money is not earned honestly, they probably don't have to pay taxes on it either.

Smart City Index 2022

So what Hans Jürgen Deglow in the voice of Heilbronn (Sep 20, 2022 12:14pm | Updated September 21, 2022 at 19:01 p.m) to advertise that "Heilbronn is in second place in the digitization of the administration", then of course I have to take a closer look at this.

For a few years I have had the "online ID" of the Federal Republic of Germany and also the associated AusweisApp2, although I have never been able to use either of them in Heilbronn and certainly not in administrative matters - which then makes me a little amazed that our administration on is in 2nd place.

On the other hand, I haven't heard anything from Bitkom e. V., who have been committed to making Germany a leading digital location, promoting the digital transformation of the German economy and administration, strengthening digital sovereignty and achieving broad social participation in digital developments since 1999. "

When I then think of us European federalists, who, as a registered association, have also wanted to make Europe a federal state since 1946, then the 23 years or so are hardly a lot of time for these digitization efforts - although other states have already made a whole one step further.

And now to Smart City Index 2022, which is intended to include all German cities with more than 100 inhabitants and places Heilbronn in 000rd place out of a total of 53. What is special about the evaluation is that the “cities could state their level of performance themselves and had to provide appropriate sources, which 81 percent of the cities used.”

And so we can assume that the Heilbronn city administration has written itself best (2nd place), although we citizens have nothing to do with it, because this "great place" does not even ensure that you can use your digital ID.

The fact that the Heilbronn court reporters turned it into a newspaper article without at least asking about the most obvious points — and I'm not even talking about researching what one should expect from journalists — also gives a deep insight. We are simply a city of knowledge! Who then needs facts or even analyses?

But perhaps the whole thing serves to ensure that our administration is now highly motivated to ensure that in future at least the "online ID" can also be used in Heilbronn.

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  1. 2nd place - rarely laughed so much!

    I went to the Citizens Registration Office earlier this week to replace my old rag with a new driver's license.

    Clerk: There is a problem with your driver's license. It was issued by the district office and we are a municipal authority.
    So I have to request your index card (!) from there and that delays things by a couple of weeks..."

    I had offered to cycle straight to the district office and get my documents and bring them to her, but that was declined.

    It's good that I have until mid-January 2023 to get the new ID card.

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