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Someone said again that we Heilbronner are not creative! Recently, strolling down the avenue, I can observe that there is a new crossing to the north. Probably coming from at the height of the shopping house, cars and also small trucks cross the avenue at the height of the theater and then drive past the theater fountain into Turmstraße. This saves you having to make a detour via Mannheimer Strasse.

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It's amazing what can be done and, above all, how quickly when top management and a few city councilors are personally affected and involved. The traffic calming is granted to the residents, but they are allowed to lead island bridge not be further developed into a parking lot, as it is an important Neckar crossing and also part of the inner city bypass promised by the municipality and the city administration and absolutely necessary for further urban development.

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Actually, the online edition of the Heilbronner Voice is a very good thing. Unfortunately, I had to find out today that I had received a hidden object game. So it took me quite a while to find content among all the ads.

So it is to be hoped that the relationship between content and advertising of the Heilbronn voice will improve again to a tolerable level. Alternatively, the editors could proceed as with the Saturday edition, there are a few pages of newspaper and only after that, further advertising pages ad infinitum.

And if you also consider what a voice subscription costs, then it could well contain less advertising. For these purposes, the voice has the "echo", which is not only sent to all households free of charge, but can also often be found in larger heaps in the most unlikely places in the city, or rotted away bundled up in the city forest.

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A nice reminiscence of the Neckar-Echo, although one could give it credit for the fact that it came up with journalistic content.

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