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For a long time not only an issue of the free voters, but also one of mine. I already had with that Beginning 2018 started my election campaign for the municipal council in 2019 and I was later pleased that the Free Voters again submitted a corresponding application to the municipal council in 2019, even if it was once again rejected by the other factions.

And so I am pleased to be able to read today in the Heilbronnerstimme (October 22.10.2022, 23: XNUMX) that the city has finally secured the right of first refusal for the last bit of this area, which shouldn't have been called that for a long time. What is new for me is that the city administration wants to secure this fillet piece for another "civil servant's castle", not so new that the CDU is now writing the idea of ​​a market hall on its own flags. As long as a market hall or at least a similarly attractive building is actually built there, I can live with it if our municipal council — whoever is there — books this success for themselves.

It would be bad, however, if there were to be a further expansion of the town hall there and then the entire city center would then only be populated by a good 5 city administration employees who would only visit the local cafés when the weather is good and during normal service hours.

Quality of life

You don't have to cite any studies to state that Heilbronn itself has a high quality of life. Also, we Heilbronners know, at least most of us, what we are dealing with Dieter schwarz and other sponsors who prefer to stay in the background, do for our city - even if one or the other commitment could be questioned a little more.

And so it doesn't surprise me that yesterday Thomas Zimmerman in the voice of Heilbronn a database that evaluates and cites the German housing market and certifies that Heilbronn has the highest quality of life in Germany right after Munich - but in order to make the whole thing completely ridiculous.

Shortly afterwards he is surprised Thomas Zimmermanthat around the bulwark tower the city looks rather desolate and refers to the "better" parts to the south of the city — voice journalists have been doing this for decades, so I'm no longer surprised.

It would have been so easy if you had tower road long since converted into a pedestrian zone, just like the rest of the northern inner city can continue to calm traffic. Add one or two new ideas to the whole thing, such as expanding the Kirchhöfle into a student meeting place, and the northern city center would be exactly the right quarter that could best showcase Heilbronn's high quality of life.

Unfortunately, however, the personal interests or even the lack of personal interests of the Heilbronn "decision-makers" have stood in the way of this development for decades - and so violently that they even rejected projects in this regard Dieter schwarz torpedo.

Public interest

The "independent" public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart recently decided that the current Causa Thomas Strobl there is no public interest and therefore the investigations are stopped against a payment of 15 euros. This process would certainly be perfectly fine if there weren't a few other citizens of this country besides me who are quite interested in whether members of the state government are criminals, just senile or maybe even have a clean slate?

So you also have to ask yourself whether our judiciary is biased or whether public prosecutors are even being threatened or even blackmailed — I don't even want to think about bought public prosecutors!

But this doesn't matter to us either: that's why our two governing parties still find the whole thing more than okay and will probably soon be moving their families to sunnier places at state expense for an extended winter break - at least until the electricity, gas and other supplies in Baden-Württemberg is secured again.

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